5 Little Known Gmail Tips

Gmail is by far the most popular free email service by Google. Now power users can check out these 5 little known GMail tips and learn some more ways to get a better Gmail experience.

Custom From

Redirecting mails from another email is a pretty common service that most email service providers provide. Gmail takes it a step further. Not only can you redirect your mails from Gmail to another address but also send mails from your Gmail account as if they were appearing from another account!

No, we are not spoofing. It’s a legal way that Gmail provides.

As an example, take two email ids like google@gmail.com and yahoo@yahoo.com. Our task is to configure Gmail account such that mails could be sent with From: as either of the two ids.

  1. Go to google@gmail.com > Settings > Accounts tab.
  2. Under Send mail as: option, click on Add another email address.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. An email will be sent to yahoo@yahoo.com with a pass code. Enter that pass code in the specified location.
  5. Done. As shown in the image alongside, you can use either google@gmail.com or yahoo@yahoo.com as the From address to send mails, and can configure either as the default.

I really like this and has made my life much easier

Gmail signature in reply-to exactly where you want it

This is something new from the Gmail’s super creative team. With this option enabled, you need not cut-paste your signature from the bottom to just after your message. As soon as you click on reply, your signature will automatically appear on the very top. This is especially useful in long mail exchanges.

Shoo away spammers

Gmail considers r.o.w@gmail.com the same as row@gmail.com. This can be an excellent way to find out your spam mail source. Bloggers submit their email ids to many places. With each submission there is a potential for email abuse. The way to get around this is: Instead of submitting your mail id like row@gmail.com, submit it as r.ow@gmail.com to one, as ro.w@gmail.com to another, and so on. Set up filters in Gmail corresponding to each of the mail ids submitted by you. Now when you receive spam, you can identify its source based on the unique filter that has been set up for it.

Damn, I forgot to attach that doc

No more fret about it. With this option enabled, Gmail will detect that you wanted to attach a doc but forgot to and it will prompt you to do so. Go to your Gmail account > labs and enable this feature as shown.
It seems that this feature scans for words like attachment, find attached etc. to detect missing attachment. Simple but a lovely idea.

Secure your Gmail account

Worried that someone else might be reading your emails from the cyber cafe you went to and forgot to log out from? No more. Gmail now provides Sign out all other sessions facility. Scroll down to the bottom of Gmail page after login. Click on Details. You will get this pop up. You know what to do with this button now. Rest in peace.

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12 comments on “5 Little Known Gmail Tips

  1. Relequestual says:

    I dont use gmail, but thats some darn awesome tips for those who do

  2. blackzero85 says:

    Haha yes, I agree. Especially for ‘attachment’ tip. :P

  3. Young says:

    Do you know how to transit the mails from Yahoo account to Gmail?

  4. Destination Infinity says:

    Nice tips. The feature that reminds of the attachments is a very good one indeed. Could you write some tips for users of Google reader and chrome as well?

    Destination Infinity

  5. Melissa Donovan, Copywriter says:

    These are awesome tips. I’ve had a bit of a hard time switching to Gmail but as I get more and more used to, I’m finding out that it’s a lot better than – well – any of the others ;)


  6. Directional Control Valve says:

    Good Tips!
    But I think Gmail has another good tip with classified method when you arrange to classify your mails.

    You can always depend on your mind to increase the classified items, in the Gmail this function is called Labels (select “More Actions” down-pull -> New label…), it will be worked in your mind.

  7. joels says:

    Dont forget, the space more larger everydays… lols! :))

  8. AskYourPC says:

    I use one email for signing up for stuff and another for talking with fiends and family. That is the best way to do it for me.

  9. Martha says:

    I have three email accounts and often go from one to the other. I sign out of one so that I can sign into the other. An annoying thing happens. When I sign out of account A, to go to B, I find that once I am in B and typing a message, a pop up says, You have been signed out of this account.
    THen gmail closes up account B and I have to sign in all over again. It’s very annoying. Do you have a tip?

  10. ROW says:

    @Martha: I think there are some Firefox addons that can help you with this but I would prefer a simple way.
    If you want to work on three different Google accounts at the same time, use three different browsers. Probably FF, IE, chrome?

  11. remote control software says:

    Having a separate email account for spam is important counter-intelligence to anyone trying to fill your mailbox with junk mail.

  12. Jessica says:

    True, verh helpful post. I have tried it and it’s working like magic.Please keep your good ideas coming.

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