GoDaddy to Transfer 850,000 Registerfly Domain Names

RegisterFly customers have been affected by the loss of RegisterFly’s accreditation as a domain name registrar. Dreamhost had earlier offered a great deal with a full year of L1 plan, including domain registration transfer and renewal, completely free. Now GoDaddy, has reached an agreement too to transfer these domain names.

A press release has clarified that Godaddy has an agreement with RegisterFly and ICANN to transfer over RegisterFly’s portfolio of Web site names to and resolve problems of domain names registration worldwide. GoDaddy promised to notify RegisterFly customers of the switch and automatically move their domains for them.

A blog post by Bob Parsons, CEO of Godaddy, clarifies that did not purchase Registerfly, but just agreed to the transfer-in of the domain names. After they are moved over to, all RegisterFly customers will once again be able to manage and renew their domain names.

GoDaddy is the worlds largest domain name registrar and this agreement resolves a complex issue which affected thousands of Registerfly customers (and it makes Godaddy even bigger!). Our domain name is also bought from Godaddy and I highly recommend it too. Were you a Registerfly customer?

One comment on “GoDaddy to Transfer 850,000 Registerfly Domain Names

  1. mihnea says:

    Yes, I had many domains at Registerfly. I’ve tried to transfer some for about 3 weeks. Thanks to your tips I’ve just moved them.

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