Google Adsense CPM Ads Earn Money Without Clicks

Not all Google Adsense Ads require clicks to make extra money quickly for you. If you analyze reports, you may have seen earnings without any clicks. This is because many ads are CPM ads for which advertisers pay you money per 1000 ad impressions.

CPM stands for “cost per 1000 impressions.” Advertisers running CPM ads set their desired price per 1000 ads served, select the specific sites on which to show their ads, and pay each time their ad appears.

Why is it good for you? CPM ads in Google Adsense compete against pay-per-click (or CPC, cost per click) ads in the ad auction, so only the highest performing ads will be served to your pages. If an advertiser wants to specifically target your site, they will need to bid high enough to beat out the CPC ads that are already in the auction in order to show up on your page. Google pays you each time a CPM ad is shown on your page. But you won’t earn additional revenue for clicks on these ads.

How do CPM ads look like? CPM ads can be either text or image ads, and are always site-targeted. CPM text ads will expand to take up the entire ad unit.

What I learnt from this? I had earlier added a competitive ad filter to several ads which seemed less targeted and were less likely to get clicked, but as income dropped I realized that these were CPM ads and they made extra money even if they were not clicked. And they competed for price with ads which would have appeared in their place, so no point filtering them anyway. The Google Adsense ad auction and smart pricing are too complex for us to deal with, lets leave it to Google at best.

35 comments on “Google Adsense CPM Ads Earn Money Without Clicks

  1. jack says:

    But guess what…advertisers pay only 25 cents for 1000 impressions which is not cool..and i always stay away from it..only one advertisers taking control over your website and paying so less.

  2. izak flash man says:

    all thats pretty good info, thanks for that.And thats also interesting what jack said as well.

  3. Ahsan says:

    hi i need Google Ad sense Help Thx

  4. Shanti says:

    Just to response to Jack,
    CPM varies greatly from a mere 25cts to $50. So it really depends on your case.

  5. chirag says:

    you had really done a great job my friend

  6. anas says:

    sooooo, do i have any say on what type of ads show up on my site?? cpm or cpc ads?

  7. OpenHouse says:

    Thanks for this information – I always wondered why once in a while I would have a considerable bonus in my account at the end of the day, but I guess it was because Google of payment for impressions.

  8. john says:

    I agree with Jack. I have tried many cpm advertisers. None of them pays higher than 25 cents. Some them pays as low as 8 cents.

  9. says:

    At times i wonder when would google give publishers choice to either select CPM ads, CPC or both. I wish we could have that freedom.

  10. Maddy says:

    I like your post so much.

  11. Angel says:

    Good article man, but yo can use CPM advertising only if you have not so targeted audience.

  12. Alfie says:

    Have you tried it? what is your average CPM?

  13. Sujd says:

    I run Adbrite ads…

    it seems I’ll get my payment 38 yrs later
    ie $100
    is it worth

  14. nanang says:

    how much we will be paid for adsnse CPM?

    i mean, 1000 per impression how much?

  15. Nanang says:

    Thanks for the tips :)

  16. Sohail Raja says:

    can one pls help me that how should be average cpm &ctr in google adsense?? i’ve $28 cpm and $8 ctr. is it good ? if not then makes it fine???plz help. i’ll be waiting. . .

  17. webbpromoter says:

    I will have to look into this.

  18. eldžo says:

    how i can take cpm ads?

  19. torta says:

    Great information. I did not know that CPM ads also have been displayed on my website, but this blog gav me an explanation for some changes in my AdSense earnings and statistics that I could not understand before
    Thank you.

  20. Juan Carlos says:

    I have 15,000 impressions per day and less than 1 dollar a day, sometimes I get about 0.50, this is not working I think.

  21. shetu says:

    Do you use paid to promote or paid to read site?

  22. somsak says:

    how can we find the CPM keywords?

  23. Amarjeet says:

    Now a days, advertisers even bid for 25 cents per CLICK. It all depends on the keywords in your content page and then the google ads are displayed accordingly.

  24. Dahab Offers says:

    thanks for the tip

    but their is no way to filter it as you said before

  25. raj says:

    this website consist of many money earning ways

  26. miley cyrus says:

    At times i wonder when would google give publishers choice to either select CPM ads, CPC or both. I wish we could have that freedom.

  27. Jumi says:

    Well, CPM are also cool. Some marketer with a “specific niche” pays $3 per 1000 impressions. imagine if you’re inclined in that “specific niche” the google ads that will appear on your site will cost $0.003. What if you have 10,000 online viewers? you’ll get a clean $30 with it. Traffic is still the issue. ;)

  28. Fajr Breeze - Yuxx says:

    that's so bad, because i'm now searching for a cpm company

  29. plioz says:

    Google adsense is getting lower and lower by day. I’m wondering how do you monetize this website without adsense? Finding advertisers for CPM ads are extremly difficult. I still don’t know how portal blog sites make money without putting any adsense on their website, or maybe they just don’t make money from it.

    Any idea?

  30. keith says:

    I believe that it is a much better idea to seek out and partner with your OWN advertisers for CPM ads instead of getting paid way less by google. Either work harder to get paid 100% or be lazy and get paid 50% by google…

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