Signup for Google Adsense Email Interview: Get $50 Adwords


Google Adsense publishers in North America have a unique chance to participate in a Google Adsense Email Interview to  share their experiences on how they use Adsense to make money online.

They will choose from all applications and contact selected participants by email.  These lucky Adsense publishers also get a free $50 AdWords credit, if they complete the email interview and also respond to any followup clarifications requested by Google. The credit may only be used with a self-managed AdWords account with a billing address in North America.

Are you ready to discuss your opinions about AdSense with a market researcher? Sign up for a Google Adsense Interview.

Another option for Successful Adsense users is that they can share their success stories with the Google Adsense team and get featured in the Google Adsense success stories page where there are lots of great optimization tips for both new and expert Adsense publishers. But by getting interviews, and enticing with $50 Adwords,  now they can get many more publishers to share their stories and success mantra to make money online.


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