Google Adsense Text Ads Without Title Links

Juts recently I had pointed out seeing Google Adsense image ads without any “ads by Google” or url links. And today I see my 336×280 rectangle ads units on front page showing text ads without any titles.

Though those beautiful girl image ad without any links would have invited a higher click through rate, missing title links in ads would definitely lead to lower clicks as the blue title link is absent and readers would not know where to click.

Here is the second ad unit on my front page. See 4th text ad.
Adsense Without Titles

And this is the third ad unit on the same page. See 1st text ad.
Adsense Without Titles

Anybody else seeing such ads? There seems to be a bug in the system. I think it is not possible to create a Google Adwords advertisement without a title, and why would anyone want to anyway. Its all about clicks…

3 comments on “Google Adsense Text Ads Without Title Links

  1. Thilak says:

    I think there is some saught of error and this was not done intentfully.

  2. tingmo says:

    i remember seeing that kind of error on someone’s website before.

  3. kipram says:

    I think the server was error

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