Google Breakpad Replaces Talkback Crash Reporting in Firefox 3


When Firefox crashes, you might have noticed a program called Talkback appear, asking you to send information about the crash. Google and Mozilla have been working together to replace the Firefox closed-source Talkback crash reporter with an open-source crash and defect reporting mechanism, called Breakpad (formerly called Airbag).

Benjamin Smedberg reports that the latest Firefox 3 versions codenamed Gran Paradiso 1.9a3 release has support for breakpad crash reporting on Windows. It is off by default and encourages people to test using Teds development server and instructs how you can submit crashes to the server.

MozillaLinks crashed Gran Paradiso following a link provided, enabled the crash reporter and successfully sent a crash report to the development server and say that all three components (client, server and reporting) are being actively developed towards a full open source Firefox 3.

Developers and bug reporters can easily collect crash stack information on the client using the Breakpad open-source multi-platform crash reporting system.


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