Google Browser Sync for Bookmarks, History, Cookies, Passwords

Google Browser Sync is a firefox extension released by Google that synchronizes your bookmarks, history, saved passwords, and persistent cookies across all the computers where you install it. It also remembers which tabs and windows you had open when you last closed any of your browsers and gives you a chance to reopen them.

Google Browser Sync updates your browser settings whenever you start Firefox and it will increase the start-up time of Firefox. So that is something you need to look out for…

Remember you’ll need a Google Account to complete the setup process. Choose which browser components you’d like to keep synchronized with your other computers (the standard install includes all possible components), and choose a PIN to protect your sensitive information.

Google Browser Sync will automatically synchronize across each of the computers on which you install Browser Sync and you won’t even need to log in every time you start the browser.

Now that is very helpful since I can keep my firefox synchronized with my bookmarks, history, saved passwords, and cookies across my home computer, office mac and my laptop! Thanks Google…

2 comments on “Google Browser Sync for Bookmarks, History, Cookies, Passwords

  1. Jigar Mehta says:

    How, can I see whats there in my browser history ?

    I mean to say is there any website where I can see and most importantly search (thats where google is master at !!) my history?

    I am gonna try this tool, dont know if it has improved now !!

  2. maria says:

    I used to play farm ville before I go on bed, but, I was amazed when I can’t open, I can’t harvest my crops, to find out that I was blocked, cookies. I don’t know how this happened. Really frustrating because I consumed my 3 hours waiting, refreshing, and to realize that I need to sleep because it is 0400 already.

    Kindly help me to fix my problem, or any solution for this.

    Thank you.

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