Google Celebrity Video Encourages Americans to Vote

The news is that 1 in 4 Americans still aren’t registered to vote. Google wants young Americans to register to vote and contribute to decision making in their country’s future.

Google has started providing easy access to voting information and created a Google’s Voter Info Map that currently puts registration, absentee, and early voting information in one place. You can check out the mobile version too.

Here is the embedded celebrity video you don’t want to miss. Its convincing enough. Register to vote today.

A lot of celebrities gathered together in this public service announcement video like Amy Adams,, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Bacon, Halle Berry, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Connolly, Courteney Cox, Ellen DeGeneres, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Jonah Hill, Dustin Hoffman, Anthony Kiedis, Ashton Kutcher, Adam Levine, Laura Linney, Eva Longoria, Tobey Maguire, Demi Moore, Natalie Portman, Giovanni Ribisi, Ethan Suplee, Kyra Sedgwick, Michelle Trachtenberg, Usher, and Forest Whitaker.

5 comments on “Google Celebrity Video Encourages Americans to Vote

  1. Dan says:

    Google has forgotten, like many, that no one cares about these pampered billionaire celebrity’s thoughts. How did those Emmy’s do last month?

  2. Holly says:

    There’s a new approach…insult the people you are trying to convince. Seems like a script and a little celebrity has gone to someone’s head.

  3. Sasha says:

    Voting only legitimatizes our utterly corrupt system…imagine people woke up to the fact that the dems and republicans are utterly and totally in bed with each other, and all fights are just an illusion, and on election day, only 5 or 10% of the people voted. THAT would be a great day for America.

  4. Walt says:

    So letís see if I get this right. They want to get people who up to this point have never taken out the time to register to vote. There are many reasons for this I am sure some good, some bad, some that make no since. But the one thing that you could count on is they have no idea what it is they will be voting for. I am sure if you ask them they will respond with ďChangeĒ. Of course they have no idea what that change is and nor do the people in that video just ask them and they respond with the same ďChangeĒ Ya well thatís what I want a bunch of people registering to vote for change. Who knows maybe they will get it after all because change is good Right? Really it is Right? Hell some would say after bill Clinton we got change and that was good right. It was change, hum maybe change is good. Thatís it vote for change Obama has it right. Ya ok sorry to me itís pointless to get people to vote that have no idea what they are voting for but thatís just me.


  5. firedmind says:

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