Google Code Jam Europe 2006 Programming Competition

European coders can test their programming skills and participate in the Google Code Jam Europe 2006 Programming Competition.

The competition is available in three programming languages – Java, C++, and C#. The tournament is a timed contest where all participants compete online to solve the same problems under the same time constraints. Read more about the rules and instructions.

And this how it all starts – The TopCoder Competition Arena (a Java Applet) is where you begin, download the app, read the problem statements, then code solutions, compile and test those solutions and submit the code for points…. and go on.

Registration for the Google Code Jam Europe is open from May 1 till May 23, 2006. After passing through various stages, the competitors with the top 50 scores will be invited to compete for 30,000 in cash and prizes at the onsite Championship Round in Dublin, Ireland. The First Place winner will get a prize of 2,500.

All individuals who are legal residents of Europe, Africa and the Middle East may register and compete provided they physically reside there. So if you are skilled in Java, C++, and C#, participate in Google Code Jam Europe.

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