Google Gadget Awards 2006 Winners

Google Gadgets are a wide range of mini-applications, from simple HTML to complex applications that can be added to the Google Homepage or your own webpage. Google Gadget Awards 2006 were held a few months back to create an award winning Google Gadget.

A panel of Googlers picked the top gadgets that make the best use of the APIs, attract the most users, look the best, and are most creative. Only university, college, or vocational school students with email addresses ending in edu and who live and attend school in the United States were eligible for the Awards. Now the university student winners of the 2006 Google Gadget Awards have been announced.

MapMyWord Dictionary won the award for the Best overall universal gadget and Most intelligent gadget. My MoodJam also bagged 2 awards for Gadget most likely to help you get a date and Prettiest gadget. The Best overall desktop gadget was World News Viewer, the Most useful gadget was Gadget Maker and the most addictive gadget was WordHunter Xtreme

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