Google Indic iGoogle Gadget and Transliteration Tools

Google Labs India has launched and some new projects have been showcased which include a iGoogle gadget with on-screen keyboard for entering Indic text and a new tool which makes Hindi typing easier.

Indic On-Screen Keyboard iGoogle Gadget lets you compose search queries in many Indian languages after adding the appropriate gadget to your personalized iGoogle home page. I selected the Hindi language and got an on-screen keyboard gadget for entering search queries in Hindi!

Google Indic Transliteration is a great tool which make typing Hindi very simple. Type a word and hit space to get it in Hindi. Click on a Hindi word to see more options.

Hindi Translation

Keep checking Google Labs India for more new project under development.

8 comments on “Google Indic iGoogle Gadget and Transliteration Tools

  1. Pavan Kumar AR says:

    ???? ????? ?? !

  2. mohit says:


  3. Sree Pillai says:

    Google released the Google Indic Transliteration API for the public, now we can easily integrate Transliteration on our websites/blogs

    I wrote a plugin for WordPress using the API to enable Google Indic transliteration service directly in the Post/Page edit screens of self-hosted WordPress.

    Check it out here and send your comments.

  4. Ajay Maharaj says:

    I like to write in hindi but do’nt know how to load the program,Please help me to load Indi Transliteration

  5. Arvind Burde says:

    For some reason, when typing in Hindi under Transliteration facility on XP or VISTA, what is seen that untill space bar or alternatively Enter key is pressed, nothing appears on the screen. This does not enable the user typing in Hindi to correct before the word appearing on screen. Why ? Any clues please ?

  6. Kishore Diwase says:

    Revered Sir
    I like to write in hindi but do’nt know how to load the program,Please help me to load Indi Transliteration
    Thanks-Kishore Diwase, Senior Journalist Bilaspur ,Chhattisgarh, India

  7. Gil Beierle says:

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  8. Kristle Bolerjack says:

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