Searching for a Google Job? Top Reasons to Work at Google

Looking for a Google job? What employment benefits do you expect? Googlers get perks and benefits which are envied across the corporate world, and Googlers like every bit of it.

I happened to have a look at the top 10 reasons to work at google. Google has indeed become an essential part of everyday life. Google offers a variety of employment benefits, including a choice of medical programs, stock options, maternity and paternity leave, and much more. Read more benefits many Googlers enjoy.

Some of the special job perks which caught my attention are onsite dry cleaning, plus a coin-free laundry room in the Mountain View office, employee referral bonus program, and employee assistance services for personal issues, childcare referrals, answers to financial and legal questions. And not to mention there is such a thing as a free lunch after all.

Working at Google means tackling the toughest problems in computer science and developing innovative products that make a positive difference in tens of millions of lives every day. Also a good read is What’s it like to be a Google engineer? See how Google hires.

Update: Google Tops List of 100 Best Companies to Work For

23 comments on “Searching for a Google Job? Top Reasons to Work at Google

  1. Jennifer Tribula says:

    Im looking for the site where I can send my resume for employment to the new offices in Michigan. In october they hired some new employees and I was hoping that their is some new postings. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Sincerely, Jennifer Tribula

  2. Pat says:


    I would like to know where I can sent my resume. Is any opening in NY.

    Thanks a lot!!!



  3. Ruby Martin says:

    I live in Southern California, Los Angeles to be exact, I would like to know where to send my resume for Google positions in Southern California.

  4. Barbara Reed says:

    I live in Adair, OK and I just saw on the news that in the summer of 2008 there will be a Google up and running in Pryor, OK.
    I would just like to be a part of a growing company as neat as Google.
    Barbara Reed

  5. Mary Leos says:

    I want to be a geek! Hire me, Whittier,California

  6. Barbara White says:

    I live in Pryor, Oklahoma where Google is setting up shop at the Mid America Idustrial park where I now work for a paper converting company. I am very interested in knowing what types of jobs will be available and what the criteria is for being considered for employment. Thank you very much.
    Barbara White

  7. Mellainie says:

    I’d like to send my resume.n To whom/where would I mail it?

  8. Hunter Beck says:

    I am from Florida and am moving to Lenoir, N.C. I would like to work for google. Your newest location is in Lenoir, N.C. I would love to hear info on how to begin a career with google.

    -Hunter Beck

  9. Riskit says:

    Google is the best text book of information that I could have. My career consist of various type of investigation and social services work that provides resources to those in need. I’m very interested in having a career with Google. I hope this serve as my first introduction.

  10. Shirley says:

    =) I think it’s pretty funny looking at all the comments and seeing all the people who post in the comments asking for a job at Google.

  11. Joe Corno says:

    I am seeking employment with Google in Utah county, in the state of Utah. I checked the listings and did not see Utah listed. Is there any opportunities coming forth in Utah?

  12. Sharlene Davis says:

    Google e-mailed a online job (work at home), some how the e-mail was erased. I’m interest in online employment.
    Thank You,
    Sharlene Davis

  13. Sonia Titus says:

    i want to work with googles coz it takes care of d employees and pays can settle down very well in life,google is d best out of all i find u can get everything form googles..i hope i will an opportunity to work with googles in San Francisco..MY friend worked there in googles in San Francisco,from India now he is back to India for his higher studies….i wll do my best for d company.

  14. Keshav says:

    hi to all,

    this is keshav
    top reasons to get into google is
    Google is a company as like all
    but the unique is we can directly observe how the people are eagerly seeking job in google and here there are three things

    job satisfaction, high pay and Brand
    people commonly depend on these three things
    these are not depend on company its on you

    if we are not capable enough in satisfying with alloted work or your superior you may not be able to sustain in any job or any company not only Google

    if we are that much liking one company or job profile you can direectly create the environment as like in Google and also you can command the company in above stated three things

    Google is doing that work also
    Google is conducting training sessions on attitude of the employees and also encourage everybody who are intelligent and who are unable meet their dreams.

    the main reason some people want to be googlers is google is training their employees, employers and from top-down, down-top encouraging and erasing the thought of something would be better.
    that is the reason why googlers dont want to skip from their company and also dont think for other offers

    its my comment only and also my personal openion on top reason to get in to google
    dont think any more

    whish you all the successful futures to every one who want to work with GOOGLE

    thanks to my friends be patient and spent your valuble time in viewing my commant.

    Best Regards

  15. colleen says:

    I wish I worked at Google!

  16. Linda F says:

    Would like to know how to apply or what positions are open ar Google.
    I live in the Tampa,Florida area is there anything around here


  17. Carolynn Lindsey says:

    Looking for health care position with Google.

  18. hollie says:

    i am a mother of 5 and need employment from home any suggestions please let me know i have seen the one where you work for google online just posting links and that would be great just dont know how to go about doing that thank you hollie from illinois

  19. John says:

    Does Google have any plans for an office in Oklahoma?

  20. Anand says:

    I’d like know where can i send my resume to google office. Is there any mail ID to forward my resume?
    If anyone knows please let me know.

  21. Peter says:

    I have dreams in working internationally as a web designer. I love google as one choice.

  22. Sumona Roy says:

    Wanna know how do i join google india. Also where do i forward my resume. and what are the positions/openings.


  23. Richard L Higley says:

    Hi, I would like to apply for a job driving or flying and filming for Google Earth. Thanks

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