The Google+ Song [Video]

Have you heard the Google+ Song video? It is a popular Google+ song that is generating a lot of buzz and  answers all your questions about what Google+ actually is.

Google+ is now open to all and is a great way to hangout with your friends. If you got a Google account, you can sign in right now and start adding your friends to your Google+ circles and enjoy a new experience which will surely challenge facebook. Google+ verified profiles are now live for celebrities and popular users.

Check out the best Google+ Chrome extensions for power users to enhance your Google+ experience and learn now to create Google+ profile buttons for your site.

What is Google+?

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One comment on “The Google+ Song [Video]

  1. James says:

    A very comprehensive tutorials about Google plus 1.
    Btw, great song on Google plus song. Love the song too.

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