Apply to Become Google Trusted Store

The Google Trusted Stores badge is a new way for online shops to signify ontime shipping and excellent customer support to your online shop customers, and get the support of Google to resolves customer issues.

google trusted store

Google Trusted Store

When customers purchase from a Google Trusted Store, they can opt in to purchase protection from Google. If they opt in, the merchant will share order information and email address with Google, who will in turn send  an email with the details of orders, merchant’s contact details, and link to contact Google in the event of an issue.

Purchase protection covers the entire purchase amount, including tax and shipping, but is limited to $1,000 in lifetime claims. You must report the issue earlier than 30 days of delivery or 60 days after placing order.

The Google Trusted Stores badge is awarded to stores with a proven track record of reliable, on-time shipping and excellent customer service and shows a detailed report of store’s shipping and customer service as well as the number of transactions the data is based on. Apply now to become a Google Trusted Store

2 comments on “Apply to Become Google Trusted Store

  1. Maria Khan says:

    Having the new Google Trusted Stores badge will surely make shoppers more confident, though this will add to the list of badges sellers have to think about. On top of eBay TRS, etc. now merchants also have to strive for a “Google GTS”.

  2. Swamykant says:

    Great update from Google. It will surely improve the online shopping experience.

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