I Have 5 Blogads Invites: Need a Blogads Sponsor?

Blogads is premium advertising service which lets advertisers display large ads on your site (text and image). However, membership of the Blogads Network is by invitation only. I run Blogads on my site and recently got 5 Blogads invitations to sponsor bloggers. Do you need a Blogads sponsor? I am giving away free Blogads invites.

I recently wrote about 15 best tips for success with blogads advertisers. One of the advantages of being part of the blogads network, is that I can invite select bloggers to be part of the network and if they perform well, they too can be selected later to invite more bloggers earning a small commission.

However, they require that I invite only top bloggers to maintain the network quality and to get more invites. I will be distributing these invites to top bloggers, who blog about any topic in their niche. Since invites are limited, your chances of getting an invite are better if your Google pagerank is high (PR5 or higher), large number of Pageviews per day (>5000) and great original content.

Interested? Leave a comment here or contact me. Since the comment fields already requires your name, blog url and email, no other personal details are required. If you get selected, a sponsor invite will reach your inbox! There is no last date and this deal continues till all invites are finished. The name of the selected blogs will not be published to protect their privacy.

Blogads is often the most popular income source for high traffic blogs. Want to sell blogads advertising on your site? Need a Blogads Sponsor?

95 comments on “I Have 5 Blogads Invites: Need a Blogads Sponsor?

  1. Phalgun says:

    I was just searching for a blogads invite. Can you give me a invite pleasee.

  2. DarkUFO says:


    Would like to be considered.

    I average 4 Million page hits per month.

  3. avinashsonee says:

    Hey Thanks for the open invitation.
    I also was waiting for an invite.
    Can you invite me please?
    Thanks again.

  4. Roy says:

    Been reading your blog for quite some time now. Would be very interested to try out blogads.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. franky says:

    I would love a Blogads invite if you still have one.

  6. KD Griffin says:

    I’d love to join the Blog Ads network. Thanks.

  7. yuga says:

    Since my blog is just PR5, I guess I’m not qualified?

  8. Abdul says:

    Hello, Please pass on blogads invite.

  9. Hsvhsv says:

    I have a Celebrity Gossip and Pictures blog, and was looking for blogads invite since last few months. Appreciate if you could pass it on, one of them to me. I have good Google search traffic and many backlinks.

  10. Maverick says:

    Do you suggest if it’s good to host blogads for a “tech blog and reviews” with PR4? I would love to have an invite.

  11. Rick says:

    Same here.
    It would be very much appreciated assuming I’m not too late.

  12. Alpesh Nakar says:

    Hi PC,

    I would appreciate an invite.

  13. Arpit Jacob says:

    Hey there I would love to get a invite.


  14. Beta3 says:

    Hi can you give me one? Thanx in advance.

  15. AmeyJah says:

    it’s didn’t knew that . ok i want to try for blog ads. So if you want then give me.

  16. mohdismail says:

    Can I have one? but, my website is not in English..*sad*

  17. Peety says:

    May I please have an invite if possible? Thank in advance.

  18. Patrix says:

    Can you send me an invite? Thanks.

  19. Vin says:


    Same here.


  20. Zahra says:

    I’d love one but unfortunately I don’t meet your requirements yet :)

  21. vijay says:

    it seems i will require some more efforts to qualify ;-)
    coz i just shifted my PR blogger blog to wordpress and will require some time to get PR again!

  22. ??? says:

    Well, my site’s page rank is 5. It’s daily page visit is about 200.

    Ridiculous? You may think, but then it is in Hindi, and in Hindi that page view is considered as top rank!

    Can Hindi sites have Blogads? If yes, then pl send one to me. :)

  23. Vicky says:

    Interested :)

  24. alex says:

    I have a couple of PageRank=6 blogs with 30-40k visitors/month; would really appreciate an invite.

  25. Sanjay Goel says:

    I would like one too :-)

  26. Aris says:

    Hi… I need Blogads sponsor. Would you consider my request? Thank you.

  27. Fabio says:

    Hi, could I receive an invitation.
    Thanks and great work !

  28. Enda says:

    Could u send me over one too? Thanks!

  29. milo says:


  30. David Gonzalez says:

    also searching for one since long time ago!will greatly appreaciate it !:-)

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