Happy Fair Use Day!

Its July 11 and today is Fair Use Day! Actually it is the third annual Fair Use Day worldwide. It is a day to celebrate Fair Use in any lawful way you wish, exercise your Fair Use rights and let all know you want Fair Use rights.

The Fair use day site is promoting the cause. In the current blogging era, legal buzzwords like cease and desist letters, copyright and fair use, intellectual property, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) have become common and it is time you know about them. Several organizations have become active to spread the word about these issues.

The Electronic Froniter Foundation (EFF) is a nonprofit group of lawyers, technologists, volunteers, and visionaries working to protect your digital rights. The Fair Use Network provides information to activists, artists, scholars, etc. about intellectual property law and supports fair use and other free expression safeguards within the law. The U.S. Copyright Office helps in promoting progress of the arts and protection for the works of authors.

Support Fair use. Happy Fair Use Day!

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