Happy National Singles Week

Unmarried and single Americans are celebrating the National Singles Week from September 18-24. It is celebrated every year in the third full week in September. This week helps to recognize, support and celebrate singlehood with pride.

Dating, Singles, Romance and Greeting cards sites are gearing up for the event with special promotions and weekly discounts to help you find a date. Several travel agents are offering special discounted travel packages for singles to romantic destinations. All this to end your single status this week…

ABC News says

“The truth is, National Singles Week was started in Ohio back in 1984 to appreciate the growing ranks of unmarried Americans, who are now 96 million strong, or 43 percent of the U.S. population age 15 or older, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Why should we celebrate singlehood? For one thing, it was once considered a shame to grow old without a spouse. Nowadays, two out of every three single people have never wed. Unmarried Americans deserve a day of national recognition.”

I stumbled upon this site called Unmarried America which is an information service for America’s unmarried adults. They are running the National Unmarried and Single Americans Week (or National USA Week as they call it).

Geeky and single, then try Geek2Geek to find a geek date. Recently the National Break-Up Day was celebrated on June 2 and women are on the lookout to find cheating men before dating.

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