How to Convert to Pdf in an Emergency

How many times you have found yourself stuck at airports, foreign countries, (tropical jungles!) with an urgent need to convert your word documents to pdf. But you have no access to your computer with your trusted Adobe Acrobat. Dont you just wish you could just convert that urgent file to pdf for that important client online just once and now.

Create Adobe PDF Online is an excellent tool for making emergency pdf if you are stuck in a jungle with a net connection.

Works 5 times only though !

4 comments on “How to Convert to Pdf in an Emergency

  1. conservatories says:

    Sounds interesting would be also helpful if you do not wish to purchase a pdf conversion software package.

  2. Jay says:

    I prefer Print in PDF is free for any number of files. Also, there is no size limitation for file conversion.

  3. Angirasa Acharya says:

    You should check out

    They have an absolutely free online converter. It’s a queue based system, and relies on mailing you the PDF version once it’s converted. You might not realize how good that system really is until you start sending HUGE files in for conversion. :)

    It’s usually extremely fast though. Definitely worth checking out.

  4. balu says: is also helpful

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