How to Move, Unlock Toolbars in Firefox

Firefox does not have a lock / unlock Toolbar option (like IE). So how can you move or unlock Firefox toolbars and organize your toolbars better to optimize screen space, and make it look elegant.

I was using my friend’s laptop and see his messy Firefox toolbars.

messy firefox toolbars

In the first line, the location bar where you type the url is really small, displaced by the bookmarks toolbar which is aligned on the right side of the location bar (instead of Google search box). The second line is a big blank line wasting useful screen space. The third line is a super long google search box which has displaced the Google toolbar beyond the screen.

So how do you move and relign these toolbars? Internet explorer users will say it is easy as IE features a Lock Toolbar button, by which you can easily unlock the toolbars, organize them and then lock the toolbar when you are done.

lock toolbar

However, Firefox has no Lock or Unlock toolbar buttons, and it is impossible to drag-drop these toolbars, because nothing gets dragged anyway.

Move, Align, Unlock Toolbar in Firefox

So here is the secret – Right click on the top of the Firefox toolbars

customize firefox

Click the Customize option and a pop-up screen jumps out – do NOT select anything on it, and do NOT close it. With the screen open, in the background now you can now move the toolbars wherever you want. It works as simple drag and drop. When you are done, simply click “Done” on the pop-up screen and your Firefox toolbars are locked in the new position.

If inspite of all efforts you still cannot get toolbars in their original position or want to start fresh, then try “Restore Default Set” option on the pop up screen and you will get all sorted to the original configuration. But remember a lot of your alterations, buttons and settings will need to be set again.

restore toolbars

If you want Firefox extensions to do all the work for you – then use DragNDrop Toolbars, a Firefox addon which will make your toolbars Drag and Droppable! Here are 15 popular toolbars which you can set on your Firefox panel, and then drag them around to power up your Firefox.

17 comments on “How to Move, Unlock Toolbars in Firefox

  1. Pavan Kumar says:

    I never use IE, and was wondered to see this “Lock Toolbar” function… its same as windows’ “Lock Taskbar” :D :P

  2. megatron says:

    thanks for the trick

  3. joao brito says:

    tks for the tip, very useful.

  4. Ajit D says:

    I have installed two toolbar on my firefox 3.5.3
    1_Mininova toolbar
    2_TheFreeDictionary toolbar.

    Now I want both of these toolbars to be placed on a single line to increase visible text area.

    please reply.

    • Mariah says:

      I’ve also downloaded various toolbars. Most addon toolbars cannot be modified because whomever wrote the program didn’t feel the need to put that in. Which is why I’m getting rid of my very useful toolbars.

      Thanks for the tips, I’ve used firefox for a while now and still didn’t think to leave the customize window up so I could move things around.

  5. schmoopale says:

    Thanks so much for this tip! I was driving myself crazy trying to remember how I’d moved my toolbars around.

  6. John says:

    it can be adjusted better than in IE8.

  7. Jean says:

    Thanks so much for this! I’ve gone back to Firefox after a while of using Opera because Opera’s become a ram-munching/always-crashing monster, and I was annoyed at all the toolbars taking up my vertical screen space.

    Now everything’s neatly in one toolbar, awesome!

  8. Kenneth Tompkins says:

    The View -> Toolbars -> Customize Toolbar way didn’t work for me, but here is another way that does in case anyone else has this problem. Close all open tabs and windows of Firefox and reopen it in Safe Mode (Start -> Programs -> Mozilla Firefox -> Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)). When the Firefix Safe Mode dialogue box appears make sure all five options are unchecked accept the Reset toolbars and controls option.

  9. Alex Ngoke says:

    Thank you so much!
    THis is one of the first time’s I’ve wanted to donate to someone who’s made something like this.

  10. Kellybells says:

    Once I’d move it, the google bar went all the way along the screen. anyone know how to downsize it?

  11. Angela says:

    Thank you so much! I tried several other help links and yours was the one that worked for me!

  12. Evan says:

    Excellent tip. Thank You!

  13. dadepfan says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but this tip does NOT move the entire toolbar, but just each icon on the toolbar, one at a time – correct?? I moved the icons on the Google toolbar up into the address bar, and there was still a blank row where the Google toolbar had been. Removing the check from Google toolbar in the right-click drop-down menu removed the blank line. Thus, I do not move the Google tool bar originally, just emptied it by moving all the icons to the address bar.

  14. desire says:

    nice walkthrough, but this method is not working on FireFox 4

  15. Janna says:

    Thanks! This worked like a charm!

  16. cablop says:

    Not working in Firefox 4 or 5. Why do you say it works?

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