How to Retain Firefox Users: 12 Point Retention Plan

As competition gets tough among web browsers and every new browser wants to replace the default web browser of your computer, Firefox is gaining share of the Internet explorer market with it features, security, and customization. The firefox team is busy developing a plan to retain users.

Mike Beltzner and JT Batson developed Firefox’s 12 point retention plan that is posted to the Mozilla Wiki. You can get involved or give feedback via contact jt at mozilla dot com.

Some of the cool ideas are to Change Firefox icon name to closer resemble action of getting to web; Force the Firefox icon to easier to find locations like System tray, quick launch bar, and desktop; Alter the default browser settings path for better user choice; Major outbound brand marketing program driving brand recognition; Improve download page and first run pages and Make the web feel more human!

Found via Mozilla Links who points out that the proposal is the result of a month long brainstorming at Spread Firefox. It is interesting to note the tactics which Firefox communities will adopt to keep their users. Be prepared to see some new changes in Firefox.

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