How to Update Alexa Thumbnail Images of Your Website

Some people like to check on Alexa looking for new websites, and it is important that your site is portrayed in an updated manner in Alexa. Especially since many websites now increase Alexa Ranking by promoting Alexa Toolbar to their readers. Many fellow bloggers asked me how I update my thumbnail in Alexa. So here it is.

The quick way in IE if you have the Alexa toolbar installed in your browser is to surf to your website. If you click on the “info” tab on the toolbar, a drop down menu reveals “More Site Info”. Click this.

You are displayed all the Alexa information about your website. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a link for “Correct errors and omissions in this listing”. Clicking on this link leads you to the Alexa Site Information Editor.

Web site owners can use this form to add, change, or unlist the contact information displayed in Alexa, or to update the site name and description. Verified submissions will appear in the service in approximately one week.

Besides your website thumbnail image you will see a link to “Update Thumbnail Image of”. Just click on this and your Alexa Thumbnail Image will be updated within 48 hours.

Of course there is a quicker way, but the url may change over time.
Go to

Replace the with your websites name and copy paste into your browsers url bar and you should arrive at that screen automatically. Rest of the procedure is same. This quick link should also work for Firefox browser users too, since Alexa toolbar works on Internet Explorer only. Just incase you were wondering, read How to Display Alexa Thumbnail Images of Web sites.

11 comments on “How to Update Alexa Thumbnail Images of Your Website

  1. Laughingmachine says:

    Quicks Way worked fine for me

  2. topblogposts says:

    this is a good tip , I am going to do it for my blog .

  3. Jezebelus says:

    Very useful I’ll try it very soon because I have to make some design changes on my page and I don’t wanna alexa remember my old site design. Thanks.

  4. deviantz says:

    Hi, thanks for the tips!

  5. trent says:

    Check out, they are FREE while in beta any allow to request thumbnails directly from your website, any size you want up to 1000pixels! WOW! thats

  6. webmaster says:

    Was really helpful for me to update thubnail on alexa.

  7. jintudesigns says:

    I’ve updating my thumbnail image but I don’t see any changes.

  8. Misho says:

    Thank you, I don’t like design of my site, I will change it…

  9. tim says:

    Thanks, This solution worked :)

  10. Hiwaar says:

    My site rank within alexa remains the same; this is since its very start? our Google pr is rising, but alexa is not even shows backlinks/ any advice, please?

  11. Stefan Kaertner says:

    Alexa list my website details and image incorrectly. This is a great help!

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