HP Fashiontronics : Designer Computer / Laptop Skins

What makes your computer or laptop different or unique from others. How about some designer skins to jazz up your PCs even further. Hewlett-Packard presents HP Fashiontronics that provides a range of fashion accessories for your computer.

Laptop designer skinHP Fashiontronics provides skins fit your laptops and desktops. You can select from various themes, choose a wide range of colours and designs or even design your own! HP skins are made for the exact shape and size of HP desktops and laptops. A quality adhesive allows easy pasting and removal with no damage to your PC finish. They claim it is durable for up to five years and you can easily switch designs as often as you like.

They have partnered with Sumeet Varma (a popular Indian fashion designer) to create designer PC skins and special edition designer laptop bags too.

If you go ahead to buy a PC skin, you are directed to the Skincraft website which offer unique products designed to allow customers the ultimate in electronic device personalization. You can choose from a variety of designs and themes. I selected a few skins and the cost displayed was reasonable – Laptops was Rs.999, Desktop Front – Rs.999 and full Desktop was Rs.2149.

Jazz up your laptop with a HP designer skin and show off. [Update: Links no longer work]

3 comments on “HP Fashiontronics : Designer Computer / Laptop Skins

  1. Ankur Gupta says:

    i want to buy laptop skin(logo) for my laptop.
    would you please let me know how to approach you

  2. laptop chick says:

    these are such a great way to make your laptop your own

  3. Harikrishna says:

    i want to get new look to my laptop please help me out

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