How to Increase Adsense Revenue

Many people build a website or blog with dreams of creating huge amounts of Adsense revenue.  These dreams generally finish after months of frantically driving visitors to their sites through marketing campaigns, only failing to convert visits into clicks.

This failure leads to frustration, and ultimately quitting.  There is no need to quit.  What you need to focus on is how to build your Adsense banners to compliment your blog instead of insulting it.  There are some simple ways to increase the amount Adsense revenue you generate.

How to Increase Adsense Revenue

1. Primacy
Primacy is defined as the state of being first, or foremost.  People in general have a short attention span, but it gets even shorter when on the web.  It is important to have your Adsense banner near the top of the page.  If they have to scroll to see it, there is a good chance they will move on before even noticing the banner.  This can be hard to do and keep your website looking professional, but it is possible.  You may have to forgo this step on some of your pages to keep the integrity of your site.

2. Blending
You should take your time and develop an Adsense banner that will blend into your website.  People are more apt to click on an advertisement if they don’t know it’s an ad.  If they are interested in the ad, they will click on the link provided without thinking twice.  This is also a good way to prevent your website from looking tacky.  Garishly colored advertisements are highly noticeable and will increase the bounce rate on your site.  It can ruin the look of your site and is an insult to the eyes.

3. Utilize Your Content
If you are able to wrap your content around the advertisements, it will greatly help to increase adsense revenue.  The advertisements will look like part of your text.  This will make it much more natural for readers to click on an ad.  They are already interested in what you have to say, and now they are being given an option to continue on that topic.  Increasing Adsense revenue is about providing your readers with good content, and a way to continue exploring that content.

4. Write Keyword Focused Content
The Google Adsense program runs off on content.  If you are unable to write specific enough content for Google to know what you are talking about, the ads may be untargeted.  This is because Google has to guess.  Keywords aren’t just for driving organic traffic, they are essential to obtaining relevant advertisements on your site.  Without relevance, your ads will lose meaning.

5. Create Multiple Banners
Different types of people will click on different types of ads.  One of the best ways to cater to everyone is to create banners with different styles.  You can experiment with each one and see which converts best.  There is nothing wrong with a little trial and error.

6. Make Use of Google Adsense Channels
It is important to know which pages are converting and which ones aren’t.  Google allows you to create up to 200 channels.  Why not utilize them all.  This way you can narrow down on your non-earning channels and optimize them through trial and error.  Use what Google has to offer.  They provide these tools because they want you to succeed.  If you are making money, so are they.

7. Traffic
Finally, and obviously, you need to increase traffic.  The more traffic you have, the more Adsense revenue you will create.  It is as simple as that.  Unfortunately gaining that extra traffic is not so simple, but that is a topic for another post.

Increasing Adsense revenue is about perseverance and hard work.  You will need to put in the time and effort to try multiple different approaches before you can rest.  Learn from others.  If you are a fan of a successful blog, see how they did it.  Where do they put their banners?  Emulate them because they are successful.

This article was written by Chris Ruminski who operates  His site is dedicated to finding the best ways to make money online without falling into a scam.

Note: This is a guest article and represents opinions of the guest author

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  1. Free Gifts says:

    Nice tips, few of them i liked, also its about writing good value articles which gives a good CPM

  2. Saša says:

    Nice tips, i’m trying the one with bland all my ads on my blog, will see results soon, i hope so.

  3. BloggerResource says:

    Does PR of a website affects the PPC that you will get? Thank you.

  4. Lena & Dima says:

    which Page CTR you will count as an appropriate?
    Lena & Dima

  5. ark says:

    How many ad types should I put in my blog?

    Should I use all 3 text/image ads and 3 link ads?

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      The more ads you put, the more lesser paying clicks you will get from the lower ad units.

    • Neelmoni says:

      Please refer to my specimen adsense website from which you have some valuable ideas regarding professional blogging.

  6. mike says:

    so what abt how increase page impressions

  7. pagerank checker says:

    Very helpful post.
    Thank you very much.

  8. himanshu says:

    do having more than 3 ad units on one page violate the TOS?

  9. Jauhari says:

    Traffic and the right keyword is the successfully Google AdSense

  10. msharisreedhar says:

    Adsense Account Approval for Indians

  11. techno blog says:

    how about to increase traffic which is targeted.

  12. Jonha says:

    Pretty cool tips and implementable enough.

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    thank you for sharing, nice post.

  14. Goooooooooo says:

    Nice tips, would I try with all my sweet ads on my blog to see results soon, I hope.

  15. RasJoseph says:

    Love your post!
    Need to do one about traffic…

  16. Tech & IT News India says:

    Very Good post, Thank you for this useful info. Thank you for sharing..

  17. Amit Ahuja says:

    that are all the tips i am following but still the revenue is slow. On an average, how many visitors should come to the site??

  18. fashion style says:

    awsome this really helped my site! thanks

  19. Julian says:

    however some said that put less ads will boost more revenue due to the efficiency…

    is that right?

  20. Shawpnendu says:

    Great post. You try different ways to put adsense banner before quit.

  21. Rena Hittman says:

    Sad but true,, I heard this week that criminal gangs are denying our freedoms What next? Letting paedos out of jail? Oops. They do it already!!!

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    however some said that put less ads will boost more revenue due to the efficiency…

    is that right?

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    I see some ppl create a lots of adsense snipe site and use very smart strategy to
    increase adsense revenue.

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    wowowo very nice info

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    Nice one…it really helped, I’m gonna do same in my blog..
    thanks =D

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    A reference to the specimen adsense blog to provide some ideas

  27. majalengka news says:

    thank you for his tips, I’ll try it. income from adsense I have not can count on, even I am frustrated with adsense. some ways I have done, but to no avail only. now there are tips from you, hopefully this can increase my adsense income.

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    i failed to convert viewers into clickers!

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    I really like the idea of adsense improved website i think more people are working ad networks.

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    I am new for adsense, I am worried my earning always shows $0.00. will follow your tips.

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