15 Effective Tips to Increase Google Adsense CTR

We all want to increase Google Adsense CTR i.e. click through ratio, because the higher times the surfer clicks the Adsense ad, higher is the payout to you. How to make more money with Google Adsense? Get more clicks on ads.  So here are 15 effective ways to improve your Adsense CTR.

How to increase Google Adsense CTR?

  • Content rich pages – Post Adsense ads them on text rich pages and make sure that Adsense had a bunch of keywords to work with. Getting Higher paying keywords is better of course.
  • Remove public service ads  – these are ads which display when Adsense algorithms cannot find a suitable ad based on contextual page content. They pay you nothing for your efforts. Here are some ways to avoid getting PSA’s.
  • Avoid Ad labels – Adsense approves use of text like Sponsored Links’ and ‘Advertisements’ above the Adsense ads. Why do you want to tell the world they are ads when google already puts ‘Ads by Gooooogle’ or AdChoices with them. These two terms are the only ones allowed by Google TOS. Any other terms will get your account terminated. Remember to avoid these 15 Adsense mistakes.
  • Use section targeting – you can target an ad unit to a specific section of your blog, as well as block out irrelevant sections like navigational links. Useful to get more targeted ads.

What is the best Google Adsense Placement for CTR?

  • Place Ads above the fold – You dont have to scroll down to see the ads. Moreover it loads before your entire page does. The more the visibility, the more chances a reader will click the ad.
    Best Placement for Google Adsense
  • White Space – Provide some free space around ads so that they stand out and users know where to find them. Dont clutter up the ads inside your content.
  • Click Tracking – Experiment by changing the location of advertisements. Track them by channels to see which location works. Sometimes unusual locations can can do wonders for your CTR. Google Adsense support provides some good ideas for better blending
    Google Adsense Placement
  • Many experienced Adsense users have reported better CTR with vertical ads rather than the horizontal ones. But that really depends on your site structure.
  • Usually it is recommended to place towers on your right, as users tend to use the mouse to scroll the bar on the right side wiht a higher chance to see your ads. Some have reported doubling CTR’s by placing towers to the left rather than the right, as people have got bored of seeing ads on the right, it has something to do with the sidedness of the brain which I do not understand and there is a tendency to read from left to the right.
  • Many sites will have small ads in the top right hand corner, as they claim it is the first place where the eye sees.
  • An excellent article on Eyetracking – What We Saw When We Looked Through Their Eyes helps to tell you where users actually see first and in what order.
  • Forums are tricky becasue they have a different kind of navigation, readership and participation. Here are some ad placements suggested by Google which work best for forums
    Google Adsense for Forums

Best Google Adsense Link Colors to get higher CTR?

  • Match the colors of your ads with the colour scheme of your site. Blending with your sites color profile helps to identify them not as ads, but as links similar to those of your site. The more the AdSense looks like part of your site, the higher CTR you will get. You can also match the Adsense fonts with your website font design for great results.
  • Blend ads with your page – remove the borders by having a similar color as your background helps to show ads as being part of your site. Do not blend text or the ‘Ads by Gooooogle’ with your background color as it is against Google TOS (Google does not like hidden text!). However, such blending may not work for you always due to banner blindness. Neither do they see the ads, not do they click on them. So sometimes a bold contrasting ad may work better depending on your website design.
  • Experiment by changing the colors, background of advertisements. You have to find out what works best for your site, not others. You can also rotate Adsense colors to reduce ad blindness.

I hope these tips help to get your Adsense CTR up by at least 100% if not more. Good luck and make more money!

205 comments on “15 Effective Tips to Increase Google Adsense CTR

  1. Dropshippers says:

    I’ve found that sometimes making your adsense ads stand out gets a higher click through rate rather than making them blend in with the page. But on some of my other sites blending them with the page does work much better. I guess each site is different so you just have to keep testing to see what gets the best results.

    • Sharninder says:

      I agree. Sometimes making ads stand out with contrasting colors is better. In the end its about experimenting with different styles and formats and selecting what works for your blog audience.

    • Blogwithiyke says:

      That’s quite true. The best method to increase your adsense earnings is to keep testing different methods for a particular website/blog.

  2. Harris says:

    If you can optimize your ads with the text on your pages it will get more clicks and more clicks if you get most of your visitors from search engines because those people are looking for the stuff thats in your ads.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just have Google remove the ads by google and allow the ads to be mixed in with text and bang, CTRs and revenues for advertiser and publishers will skyrocket instead of messing with all this positioning, bledning and trying to trick the user with ad placement. Might as well blend it all in.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to ask Google to remove “ads by goooogle”? I think it’s against the ToS…

  5. CharlieJ says:

    How do you blend the ads into the text of your blog or website? I would love to use the keywords, without spamming, into my text. If anyone could look at my blog and offer advice, I’ll gladly hear you out. THANKS!

  6. Luke says:

    I used the tips you suggested along some tips I found on this adsense guide and have had great results practically doubling my revunue from my website. Thanks.

  7. Ahmad Daniyal says:

    There is no change. I think i used most of this tips.. but why my CTR is still low..?

  8. Ognizer says:

    The most important thing is always content. Put a lot of interesting contents then slip some google ad in between them. It sure helps you boost your adsense income. Don’t forget to use AdLinks as well.

  9. Darren Chow says:

    Placing a horizontal adlink at the very top of the page works for me. Also, I’ve found that horizontal ads don’t really work well for me. The CTR is too low and the CPC is also very low.

    • hamthoon says:

      hello dear.i saw your problem.
      for my account page impression is high and ctr is high page eCPM 0$ and earning is 0$.why what is the problem

  10. http://www.freeinfoz.com says:

    This is very informative. Your Google Adsense Tips column is superb i might say. Im reading every post that you have regarding it! THANKS!

  11. Nickolas says:

    amazing tips! thank you

    this might be useful too:
    10 Tips To Improve your Adsense CTR

  12. Peter says:

    it would have been better if google removes ‘ads by google’ so that CTR would have increased.

  13. Maria says:

    Thanks for the tips, I think I will need to work some more on my blog. The CTR and the pay per click are very low.

  14. Jen says:

    I’ve discovered that MaxBounty works very well with AdSense. My MaxBounty earnings usually make up for the days when my AdSense CTR is low. You can read a review of MaxBounty here.

  15. betaboy says:

    Another really helpful thing for improving CTR is adding the adsense tag for “keyword hints” in the adsense code.

  16. http://seobacklinksanalysis.blogspot.com/ says:

    ya now i got a useful tips i hope this tip will help
    me to increase my adsense ctr .

  17. http://themo.myartsonline.com says:

    thanks for that i hope to get 50$ to each cpc if that happened i will be miliarder in about one year not more

    ihope soo…

    thanks again

  18. Hebrink says:

    I’ll use the trick, wish my earnings increase by that.

  19. Ravi Shrestha says:

    thank you for this article. It really helped to boast my Page CTR. Thanks

  20. keerun says:

    I tried similar tips but the CTR did not increase much. its about 2% on an average. What is the highest CTR anyone achieved here?

  21. Sushi Dating says:

    I deleted my right vertical ad and thought it was annoying. But, I have to re-think about that and try to create a seprate channel for that ad to see the real performance. Thanks for the tips.

  22. Robert says:

    Im trying to implement all the tips you posted on my site..

    Hoping to have a higher pay from google.

  23. adsense says:

    Thank u for the great article!

  24. sans says:

    My CTR is decreasing little bit everyday. I have done a lot of experimenting, I added a horizontal adlink and it worked for me to regain CTR, but once again it has started decreasing

  25. vinit says:

    Hey, great posting. it is very useful tips and tricks to get earnings from Google Ads.I will also try these tips and tricks on my blogs to get into touch with Google Adsense in deep.


  26. ashokkumar says:

    how can i include the adsdense content to my website

  27. aakash says:

    is there any way to add more than 6 adsense on a page?

  28. nice guy says:

    thanks those tips will help in long run

  29. methode says:

    keerun: my CTR is about 20% average the less was 9%.
    Combining AdSense with a smartly built AdWords campaign and on a high CTR page makes some amazing results. I spend only $25 daily on adwords, there’s a high, around 30% CTR on one of my pages… go figure :)

    The tip to post about the article i got from Google Zeitgeist, which is an awesome resource for any blogger posting mainly about news.

    Hope it helps a bit :)

  30. Joe Soap says:


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