India Tech Bloggers on Megite

Megite is a social news aggregator that discovers whats happening right now by intelligently uncovering the most relevant items from auto discovered news sites and weblogs. I requested if Matthew @ Megite could create one for India Technology Bloggers too. Well the ITB Megite tracker is live now!

Megite Discover is another version of crowd sourcing service for web browsing created by Megite. I used it for discovering our site, and see the related content it found.

Megite can also create a better way to explore the conversations around blog posts of large blogs like Mashable and present content beyond the the usual trackbacks and ping backs, like the Mashtracker – a customized solution for top bloggers.

To get all the fun in one place, get the river of news view, or simply stick to the Technology News section and challenge Techmeme and Tailrank to who is better!

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