Instablogs Network Opening to Independent Bloggers

Instablogs blogging network is a news ecosystem that brings bloggers, citizen journalists and traditional media together. Now Instablogs network is opening up and will soon welcome external blogs to showcase their content and contribute to the network via the new Instablogs Club.

I was reading the BloggerTalks interview of Ankit Maheshwari, one of the founders of Instablogs, and he revealed some interesting information about Instablogs Club.

We would also be opening our network to external blogs by next month, so that they can also enjoy some of network benefits which includes but are not limited to traffic, ad sales, technology, hardware, and meeting great new people working in similar fields.

We will group content from our blogs and external blogs in one section and will call it Instablogs Club. It will be a great opportunity for bloggers to join Instablogs Network. The Instablogs Club consists of those who host and maintain independent blogs and would like to avail our platform that will showcase their content to millions of Instablogs readers each month. Our aim is to showcase the best blogs on a variety of topics and help bloggers get more exposure through the Instablogs Network.

This should be interesting to watch. Its becoming a common trend as more sites are welcoming independent bloggers to contribute their best content to networks. Great free content helps the network grow in popularity, while the bloggers gets quick traffic, branding and readership which would be difficult to generate otherwise. Its a win-win situation for all. All the best Instablogs…

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