Internet Explorer 7 Beta Optimized by Yahoo

If you are still stuck with an older Internet Explorer browser version, you can download the latest Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview version and test new features being offered by Microsoft. Yahoo has now launched a optimized version of the IE7 web browser!

What is new in Internet Explorer 7 Optimized by Yahoo! – Some cool features are that Yahoo! Search is built into the browser, is set as the default home page on the primary Tab and Yahoo! Mail loads in your secondary Tab when you start IE7 Beta 2. All expected…

The IE Blog announced the release –

Yahoo! released something new and (I think) pretty cool. Internet Explorer 7 optimized by Yahoo! presets the homepage and search to Yahoo properties. Of course, users can easily change the settings just as they can with the standard version that we ship. The Yahoo! version of IE7 is available now on the Yahoo site.

Yahoo! used the beta version of the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) to customize IE7 to meet their needs. The IEAK is available to all developers and partners who want to create their own customized versions of IE7, as well as IT pros who want to use it to ease enterprise deployment. You can download it from the Microsoft Technet site.

System Requirements are Windows XP Service Pack 2. I am sure yahoo users will enjoy the tight integration of Yahoo services with the tabbed browsing offered by IE7. Those with the normal IE version can download the new Yahoo toolbar.

And to think that recently I had replaced my Yahoo toolbar with Windows Live Toolbar for Tabbed Browsing in Internet Explorer 6 (IE6)!

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