Buy iPhone 3G in India with Easy EMI Installment Plans

As the expensive pricing and data plans on Apple iPhone 3G shattered dreams of thousands of Indians who expected to become proud owners of the popular iPhone, the official providers Airtel and Vodafone made it easier to buy an iPhone by offering easy installment plans for potential iphone buyers.

IphoneAirtel EMI options lets customers buy the iPhone without having to pay the entire amount at one go. You can avail the EMI offer from several leading banks and pay the amount over a period of 12 months. E.g. ICICI bank offers instant loans with EMI of Rs. 2583 for 12 months on a 8GB iphone, with 0% interest rate, 0% preclosure fee, but a one time 12.65% processing fee.

Vodafone easy monthly installments are offered at Vodafone Store and is available on the several bank credit cards. E.g. Axis bank offers instant loans with EMI of Rs. 2663 for 12 months on a 8GB iphone, with 14% reducing interest rate, 3% preclosure fee, but a one time 1% processing fee.

The bank loan rates are so variable, that you need to carefully read the fine print, and besides the EMI monthly installments, also look at the extra money you would have to pay via interest rates, preclosure fees, and processing fees. Are you willing to buy an iphone now?

8 comments on “Buy iPhone 3G in India with Easy EMI Installment Plans

  1. Digitalmail says:

    SBI bank is the one who is offering 24 months emi scheme . which is best for call center workers as well as small workers too . But i will say wait for few more days and price will be down when this scheme will also stop working effectively .

  2. abhishek says:

    Hi.. Can I buy an iphone on installments without credit card coz I dont have a credit card. Apple would have even more better sales of iphones if they provide such a scheme.

  3. Rahul Anand says:

    yes guys, you can. In that case you have to get the loan from bank and set EMI with bank

  4. Vithya says:

    Can u say the detailed scheme of all banks that provide loan to buy it. I love it and need it but searching for schemes to buy this. Please tell me the available bank schemes.

  5. aayush bhatelay says:

    wish to buy an iphone plz contact me n tell me wht r the formalities of the bank…

  6. anshuman shiv says:

    i want to buy iphone on installment

  7. Mahendra Singh says:

    this is srinivas is there any installment plan to buy a iphone without credit card

  8. Raja Nadar says:

    Without Credit Card how we can buy in installments

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