Is Google Engineer Matt Cutts the GoogleGuy?


Who is GoogleGuy? He is the face of Google posting in popular search engine forums like GoogleGuy at WebMasterWorld and represents Google’s viewpoint on google search related and SEO issues. Who is Matt Cutts? He is the Google Engineer who blogs, manages the search issues, and provides SEO tips.

And now Search Engine Watch says that Matt Cutts Confesses To Being GoogleGuy!

“I moderated the panel, and the confession came out when a member of the audience flat out asked Matt if he was GoogleGuy. Matt hesitated just a moment, and I could swear I could almost hear the internal debate of “should I finally confess or not.” And then he did, saying as Rand notes that he sort of backed into being the GoogleGuy who posts on forums and blogs. Matt then added that today, GoogleGuy might be one of many different people from Google commenting in public areas.”

Inside Google wonders that “if multiple people are posting as GoogleGuy, and the guy known to be GoogleGuy isnít always the one posting, shouldnít they just cut the anonymous crap and have everybody post under their names?”

But it seems Thomas Bindl already knew that – “I had the chance to talk to a lot of people like Brett Tabke, Matt Cutts (His name tag said “Google Guy”)”

While the controversy continues, I discovered Matt Cutts is a celebrity with a number of fans. Appreciated among the Men of SEO, and cartoon dolls, you can find female fans wearing T shirts saying “Matt Cutts is a God” or “Matt Cutts makes me Google”…


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