Jagjit Singh Google Doodle Logo

Google India has honored Ghazal legend Jagjit Singh with his own Google Doodle Logo today to celebrate his 72nd birthday. If you visit the Google India website at Google.co.in right now you are greeted with the Jagjit Singh Google Logo.

jagjit singh logo

While Google celebrates important dated events of noted celebrities often, it takes a considerable popularity to get on the Google front page. Its rare for people faces to be spotted on Google logos, and the Jagjit Singh has had this unique privilege.

Jagjit Singh is by far the most popular Ghazal singer and passed away last year. He has mesmerized the whole country and the world with his melodious voice and gave Ghazal music an international platform.

7 comments on “Jagjit Singh Google Doodle Logo

  1. vishnu says:

    I guess its only changed for google india…but still a good way to honour a great legend…

  2. Joe Hart says:

    Love the way Google comes up with such Doodles as tributes for legendary figures.Jagjit is a singer with worldwide following..May his soul rest in peace.

  3. Web Design says:

    I am also into blogging for last 2 years. This is one of the useful articles I found during search.

  4. Azal says:

    This is the first time I am hearing the name Jagjit Singh. Even many Indian may not know about this person. But, Google is celebrating his birthday. When the request sent for 150th birthday celebration of Swami Vivekananda was rejected by Google.

  5. Free Dating says:

    Jagjit singh is my favorite singer in India for gajal song. He is late right now. I really feel very sad for him because we lost one of the best singer in the subcontinent.

  6. Elevator India says:

    Jagjit singh is legend in Bollywood he never face any kind of competition he always a great because he is the best of all male singer I like his song chitthi na koi sandes jane vo konsa des jahan tum chale gaye. Google also showing tribute to him is really nice thing

  7. 手工皂洗脸好吗 says:

    I really feel very sad for him because we lost one of the best singer in the subcontinent.

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