Join India Do Not Call Registry: Stop Telemarketing Phone Calls, SMS, Emails

Join Do Not Call Registry and stop telemarketing phone calls, SMS, and emails.  Do pesky telemarketers call up you mobile phone to sell you car loans, credit cards or unbelievable deals for petty commissions. In a major initiative to stop telemarketing calls, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has started the National Do Not Call Registry of India. Any mobile or landline subscriber who does not wish to receive telemarketing calls, can request their telephone number be included in the NDNC Registry. Here are some ways to block unsolicited calls from top mobile operators and private banks in India.

Join the Do Not Call Registry

The primary objective of the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC Registry) is to curb Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). The NDNC Registry will store a data base with all subscriber telephone numbers who opted for the service. The Telemarketer will have to verify their calling telephone numbers list with the NDNC registry before making a call or face a fine of Rs 500 per call/message and defaulter telemarketers might face disconnection of telecom service also.

Customers can make such requests free of cost. The telecom service provider will acknowledge the request within ten days. All promotional calls and messages to your phone will stop within 45 days from registration. Subscriber may confirm whether their number is included in the NDNC registry home page.


Airtel supports the Do Not Disturb registry. Airtel Postpaid or Prepaid Mobile customers can SMS “START DND” to 121. You will receive a Unique Reference Number by SMS, for your records. Airtel Broadband and Telephone Services customer can call Customer Care at 121 from your Airtel landline phone and place your request. You will receive a Unique Reference Number, for your records.


If you wish to stop receiving such communication and want to register yourself on the NDNC registry, simply send SMS “STOP 0” to 1909 or fill in the following form.

Idea Cellular

Should you desire to stop receiving such communication from Idea, all you need to do is to fill the form. The fine print say they require 30 working days to remove your number from the telemarketing lists.


The MTNL Delhi service takes you to fill a form on the Unified Call Center web Portal which asks for your LandLine / CDMA / GSM No. or Customer Account No.

Reliance Mobile

If you do not wish to be informed about deals through telephone calls or by SMS, you can unsubscribe from such communication by filling up the form. They will stop call within 30 days from the date of submission.

Tata Indicom

If you do not wish to be disturbed by unsolicited calls from Tata Indicom,  simply SMS START DND to 1909 (toll free) or  go here


If you do not wish to be disturbed by unsolicited calls from ICICI Bank, they appreciate your privacy and you can please register your phone number(s) that you want excluded from the telemarketing list. Fill the Do Not Call form.

Yes Bank

If you wish to block your contact details from their marketing list, fill the form and your request will be executed within 30 days from the date of submission.

Standard Chartered Bank

Use the Do Not Call form provided below and register your phone number(s) that you want excluded from our telemarketing list.


If you wish to block your contact details from their marketing list, fill the form.


You can inform Citibank that you do not wish to be contacted for any promotions or products. They run ‘You Choose’, an initiative that has been designed keeping in mind and you can choose the Do Not Disturb option so as not to receive any unsolicited e-mails or calls on your mobile.

Axis Bank

If you wish to block your contact details from their marketing list, fill the Do Not Call Registration Form.


HDFC also offers a Do Not Call form. You will continue to receive your account statements and other important advices and information relating to transactions on your account. Only the phone / mobile no. / email-id provided above will be excluded from our marketing lists. The fine print reads that Office / Corporate Board Nos will not be registered for “Do Not Call”. Also, you may receive a call to reconfirm your registration request for “Do not call”.


You can exclude yourself from the telemarketing services by filling in the Do Not Call form. They need 30 days to remove your details from telemarketing lists. To ensure privacy, the details provided by you on the form would be confidential.

I just sent an SMS to my mobile operator Airtel and instantly got a SMS with a reference number. Now I need to wait for 45 days while my phone number gets deleted from telemarketing lists. This is a great step by the government to stop these irritating calls and text messages.

47 comments on “Join India Do Not Call Registry: Stop Telemarketing Phone Calls, SMS, Emails

  1. Prem Rao says:

    Many thanks for this useful info. I did as suggested.I wrote to Airtel since I have an AirTel connection but does that mean I may get calls from other service providers?

  2. M.M.SETHI says:

    Your website took me to the Idea Cellular form, which says no calls/SMS from Idea. It is not a National do no call register. Filling up this form will not stop telemarketing calls

  3. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Mr Sethi – Read the NDCR How to Request page. Says all such requests are sent through their telecom service providers which will be stored in National Do Not Call Registry. You can contact your telecom service provider for more Details.

  4. Sandeep Kamal says:

    This is half information, There are still some telecallers whose names are missing from the above list LIke, HDFC Bank, ABN Amro Bank.

  5. Nishigandha says:

    how to stop sms from BSNL ? where do i find a form to be filled? Please help me

  6. Raju Verghese says:

    The worst of the lot is ABN Amro Bank. Even their Do Not Call form does not work. Their DOB field ( an irrelevant requirement ) is not functional and as it is a required field, the form cannot be submitted. Very very unfair.

  7. Harshwardhan Gupta says:

    The ICICI do not disturb form very conveniently says this DND is only for the bank, not the group companies. One of the worst offenders is ICICI Prudential.

  8. Puneet Dutta says:

    this is good but the entire process time should be shorten and the action to be taken against telecallers has to be a little strict so that they should be afraid of calling a donot call number.

  9. Mayank Abhishek says:

    For not receiving calls from ICICI Prudential go to:

  10. mohan says:

    Sir ,

    please let me know how i stoped all maketing related querries.or how i register my all company phones.

    waitig for your reply.


  11. meghna says:

    very useful info..thank u so much!

  12. raj says:

    i am a bsnl mobile subscriber. how to include my phone nor in do not call registry so as not recieve unsolicited sms’s

  13. fd says:

    Ispite of registering for the DNC list with Hutch/Vodafone last month and receiving a call from their office informing me that I am now on the DNC and all promotion related calls and messages would be stopped, I am still receiving calls and messages of promotional nature from Hutch/Vodafone. I would like to know how i can take action against them. I have preserved the messages as well as the telecaller number.

  14. sureshan says:

    I have registered the airtel do not call registry way back in august 2007 still i am getting un wanted calles from various compnaies . now what i have to d against the service provider

  15. Jayaram.R says:

    We thought we are saved from this nuisance of Telemarketing, No its not, Yesterday that is on 02.02.08, I recieved a telemarketing call from “COUNTRY CLUB” in Bangalore… O.K. no other way pals…

  16. Jayaram.R says:

    This is Jayaram again, I wish to say that I am an
    AirTel user. I got reply from tell saying that within 24hrs, my query will be attended.
    (for DND activation 45days, for answering queries 24hrs, for disconnecting the service, without notice….Sare Jahaan se Achaa)

  17. QuickOnlineTips says:

    I must say the DND registry worked for me. My pestering calls have been reduced significantly and I only get an occasional call.

  18. ashutosh says:

    want to register in do not disturb.tell the process

  19. Santhosh Kumar.R.B says:

    I have subscribed to DND from Airtel, but I still get calls from Country Club (20th March’08). I get this call almost everyday and I abuse them on the phone because I am fed up with their daily call especially when I am on imp. meetings etc. Can anyone help please? (Planning to file a police complaint today)

  20. anurag gupta says:

    pls do not call on telemarketing………….

  21. Surendra Rathore says:

    Kindly activate DND services on my cell phone number – 9828414014. I have spoken to your customer care executives many times on 1909. I am very bored of these messages from vodafone, in every 02 minutes my mobile back light blinks with a message from your company. Please activate DND as soon as possible.

  22. Aniruddh Joshi says:

    how to stop SMSes from Reliance one ?

  23. Hi i am Dr. Sharyaar says:

    Hi i am Dr. Sharyaar from kolkata.. I am using airtel connection but really irrated by there tele marketing call 5 times a day.. I have registred for dnd two month back but still the calls are coming every day..surprisingly the national do not disturb link of does not work.. They might have manipulate the site so save from registration.. Can any1 help me to take this matter at Trai.

  24. Anoop Kumar Bajpai says:

    Dear sir,

    From the last one hour I am searching for DO NOT CALL registry of BSNL, Lucknow (UP East) and pleased to inform as I thaught that I will not able to get it, comes true!!

    All the links meant for BSNL official are easily opening but DNC, I can say only ‘DHOONDHTE RAH JAOGE’ aakhir hai to sarkaari company hi! service ka to Bhagwan hi malik.

    I have change my Bsnl No. to VODAFONE and advising to my sister to change the No. from BSNL to any other private sector company.

    Hoping nothing from BSNL.

  25. Anurag Jain says:

    I want to stop sms from RelianceOne. I already activated DND but still I am receiving these sms. My operator Vodafone says that they cant stop because these are server messages.
    please help

  26. Ajith says:

    I registered with Reliance to stop these calls on May 31 and waited patiently till July 18 to get relief from these calls. Unfortunately it continues and complaints to Reliance are answered by a stock reply that it would be looked into in 15 days. I now have complained to DOT and await a positive response. Talk about thick skin!!!

  27. prat says:

    get rid of calls . register at

    • munish says:

      Hey prat, what are you trying to tell people who are already suffering from those mentally sick telemarketers?
      You are adding to their misery by telling them to register for some DO call service!

      This is what they do:
      Once registered the Marketer/Sellers will contest for your attention through various communication channel that you may opt for in the registration.

      DO NOT register there.

      Here is the genuine link:

  28. Vijay says:

    Thank you very much for collecting the information.

  29. Krishna jagadish tungal says:

    Register mine no into do not call.

  30. Bhagwan Chandnani says:

    Reliance link on your website is not opening.

  31. P D KULKARNI says:


  32. madhup vatsa says:


    the ndnc for tata indicom does nopt works . i have being trieng it since 2 weeks now . please tell me how to do it as they send messages at 2 at night as well .

    Many thanks
    madhup vatsa

  33. anand says:

    tried to fill the form for hutch a message that i cannot access their site,wonderful way to block dnd requests! will DOT/TRAI look into the matter?

  34. Vijay says:

    And the ahs at ICICI Prudential direct you to the NDNC registry but do not seem to adhere to not disturbing people.

  35. satheesh says:

    Send message as

    START DND 1909 (toll free)

    for Vodafone number
    (I tried in prepaid and works)

  36. satheesh says:

    Send message as

    START DND 1909 (toll free)

    for Vodafone number
    (I tried in prepaid and works).

  37. SACHIN says:


    My number is registered with NDND. But Still I am getting daily calls from banking products.

    Please suggest.


  38. Lashaunda Sarcone says:

    How imaginative article, I have never seen such a good article.

  39. Jasvinder Pal Singh says:

    Sir / Madam,

    I have already registered my mobile (Airtel) number on 07/02/2008, but still today I am getting many calls & messages from the Companies, Banks, Share Market, Building Marketing & etc.

    So, what will do ? Can I do Consumer Case on Airtel for it.

  40. adsense earnings says:

    thanks !! very helpful money post!

  41. hc says:

    I registered, the 45 days have long past but there are still vendors sending texts. Is there a place to report the noncompliant numbers and companies?

  42. Anu says:

    I have already registered my mobile (Airtel) before 2 years, but still today I am getting many messages from the Companies, Banks, Share Market. I am getting irritated

    Can I do Consumer Case on Airtel?

  43. dayanand says:

    thanks for controlling service calls

  44. Neha says:

    The link which is given for idea cellular is not opening when clicked.

  45. AngeloD says:

    Aircel users can block UCC by texting “START 0” to 1909

  46. Sreejesh @techgyo says:

    I have the problem with MTS, I’m a Docomo subscriber but still I get calls from MTS 5 times a day

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