Join Mozilla Technology Evangelism

While surfing around the Mozilla site, I came across the request to “get involved with Mozilla Tech Evangelism and help make the web safe for standards-based browsers such as Mozilla and the other browsers based upon Gecko.”

I have encountered many sites I used daily which did not support my favourite browser Firefox. When I became a fan of Firefox, I went about complaining them to fix up the site to support it. Many replied their site was configured to work best with internet explorer and I should switch to IE. Upon my repeated insistence that they realize that firefox was gaining ground as the most popular browser with 60 million downloads now worldwide and gradually replacing IE, and that they fix their sites and I will not change my browser, most sites obliged. Little did I know I was indirectly a Mozilla Technology Evangelist.

They advise complaining to web sites can be an effective means of waking a web site up to the fact that there is more than one browser in the world. If the complaint does not work, then read more about Mozilla Site Evangelism procedures. Join Mozilla Tech Evangelism today!

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