5 Tips to Be a Killer Blogger

Every person has the talent to be a killer blogger. But unfortunately many don’t try hard enough while other quit half way. The important thing is that you stay focused on your aim to be a successful blogger. I have written five tips that can really use. If you fulfill these points then you can be sure that you will be a killer blogger soon!

1. Display Credibility
The most basic thing to be a killer blogger is that you need to earn credibility in your niche. It basically includes, what are your achievements? Are you someone who has become really successful in your field? Suppose if you have a make money online niche, then how much you earn money online. You will have to tell your readers what were the ways that you employed to make money online.

2. Share All Your Experiences
A common trait of all killer bloggers is that they share everything to their readers, all their success and even their failures, the techniques which they employed and failed badly, or some thing that you should definitely avoid while blogging. It is these posts that really get your blog readers.

3. Provide Information that No One Else has
This point is more of common sense but, it is something all newbie bloggers fall prey to. If you are simply giving away the same stuff in a reused and recycled manner – your blog will become just another blog. Your aim should be to make a brand out of your blog name and create loyal readers who can refer your blog to others.

4. Comment on other blogs
Yes, sure it seems cool to have hundreds of bloggers coming over and commenting at your blog without you not even visited their blog ever. But the task seems difficult unless by chance you are Darren Rowse, Guy Kawasaki or someone of that level. Since, you are reading this – the chance seems a long shot.

5. Be a Fun Person
It is of utmost importance that you are a fun person who knows how to use intelligent humor in all his posts. It is especially important when you may be explaining something really technical. Also a good sense of humor can take you really ahead in creating a rapport with your readers. If all your posts and serious and dry then it is a lot like reading a textbook on physics or chemistry. A fun person is always liked more as a blogger.

Hope you liked all the five tips that mentioned. Are you fulfilling all of these criteria’s while blogging?

Guest author Anil Gupta writes about making money, blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing on his Scope for Money blog.

Note: This is a guest article and represents opinions of the guest author

12 comments on “5 Tips to Be a Killer Blogger

  1. Kiesha @ WeBlogBetter says:

    I’d have to say that #4 – Providing information that no one else has, has got to be the hardest! I believe I accomplish all of your other points well, but trying to cutting edge content is a major challenge. But I guess I like the adrenaline rush that comes with that challenge…sometimes.

    • Rahman Mehraby says:


      I think you’re right as it’s not easy to provide unique information, but this is a good opportunity to tell about our own experiences and be different.

      The fact is that we are each different. So why not using that aspect of our personality and combine it with the work?

  2. Michael says:

    Good quick list of useful tips for bloggers. The one, show credibility, is especially important but usually forgotten.

  3. Jacinta Dean says:

    Hi Anil,

    Great guest post, and great simple yet effective tips on becoming good at blogging. Although my blog is nearly 18 months old I still feel like a newbie, maybe because my little toddler takes up most of my time and I can only post on a part time basis!

    Thank you for your insight.

    Kind Regards

    Jacinta :D
    (An Aussie mum trying to create a business online while my toddler sleeps! :) )

  4. bloganul says:

    Good quick list of useful tips for bloggers. The one, show credibility, is especially important but usually forgotten.

  5. A.Basit Mehrabi says:

    wel good tips thanx alot implementing these tip may lead us to a successful bloggers.

  6. techno blog says:

    a very nice article alot for a blogger to learn.

  7. NPXP says:

    I always try to rake in some reputation by commenting on Blogs all the time.

    This method had made some awesome impression on my blog.

  8. Shravan says:

    you are absolutely right and without share our experiences we can not achieve our goal. I am newbie in blogging but i perfect agree with you.

  9. Sameer says:

    I would like to use ‘facebook’ from my gmail account. How is it possible? Also please let me know whether it is possible to send instant msg to my facebook friends from Outlook Express or Hotmail?

  10. Ewealths says:

    I think the best thing is to blog and behave as if you are trying to help your best friend, seek ways to provide solution to every problem that you think you can solve, be friendly, know that humans are one reading your blog and not search engines

  11. deepak says:

    5 Tips to Be a Killer Blogger is best . i have also one blog but i didnot get single visitors for 2-3 months. When i visit this site i found losts of seo tips .I follow it and now i get good amount of visitors. Wants more from you.

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