Known Issues Blog for Blogger in Beta

Blogger has launched a new Known Issues blog to notify about bugs and missing features in the new version of Blogger (currently in beta) that affect a significant number of users.

Recently New Blogger Beta Version was launched with amazing new features like Labels, Privacy, RSS Feeds, Instant Publishing options and more which places Blogger competitively with other popular blogging tools like WordPress. But there were reports about the lack of up-to-date information on issues and bugs users were seeing in the new version of Blogger in beta. So this Known Issues Blog for Blogger in Beta will help provide information about what’s still a problem, what’s getting fixed, and what’s been taken care of, direct from the Blogger team.

As a trend, now most services are maintaining a known issues blog or news service to alert users about known issues, so they are aware that it is a bug that the company is aware of and will fix in a future update. As technology continues to grow at a fast pace and new features and tools are being introduced, there will be known issues and it is good news that companies are kind enough to inform their user base and keep them updated.

Of course you can check the state of the service and upcoming outages at Blogger Status and receive help from other Blogger users at the Blogger Help Group. You can always suggest a feature too.

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