KnownHost VPS Get Free Upgrades: RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth

Knownhost VPS hosting again upgraded RAM, Disk Space, and Bandwidth for all existing customers using VPS and Hybrid Servers. Our site QOT switched to KnownHost for the last 1.5 years and its a great free hosting upgrade much like last year.

Knownhost  new hosting package

We are on hosted on the VS3 hosting package which now has

  • RAM increased from 768MB to 1024MB
  • Disk Space from 40GB to 60GB
  • Premium Bandwidth from 1000GB to 2500GB!

Thank you Knownhost and we continue to appreciate your amazing tech support and zero hosting downtime. If you do decide to join Knownhost, let us help you chose the right hosting package, and also get the lifetime discount coupon which will get you a good hosting deal.

8 comments on “KnownHost VPS Get Free Upgrades: RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth

  1. Rahul Gupta says:

    KnownHost Servers are Really awesome but they are very much costly.Not suitable for everyone to afford.
    But Thanks,Thanks for updating us.

  2. dgrut says:

    is that include with cpanel? managed?

  3. hezy says:

    is this upgrade permanently or for limited time only?

  4. Bilal Ahmad says:

    That is some thing great on new year for all Knowhost clients.
    Happy New Year.

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