Free Online File Compression Tool

Kailash Nadh (of Pingoat fame) has launched another cool tool – called this is a free online file compression tool, much like Winzip or WinRAR on your computer. supports zip, rar and tar.gz and you can krunch upto 10 files into an archive. Each file being compressed/uncompressed can be of a maximum size of 10 MB and files stay for 24 hours on the server. can mail your krunched file to upto two different emails.

You can upload and compress files, Pick and compress files from the web, Upload and uncompress a compressed archive and Uncompress a compressed file from the web. Now this is a very useful tool for your online compression needs or when you recieve a zip or rar file and do not have a file compression software on your computer.

Update: The Krunch owner says the project is terminated now due to Registerfly scams.

Update 2 – Try ZipMyFile – a fast and free online file compression service for saving bandwidth. They accept all files and can reduce file sizes by upto 70%.

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