Last Call to Buy .ME Domain Names for Trademarks

.ME Domain names sunrise period is closing in less than 24 hours. ICANN had earlier granted Montenegro its own TLD called .ME and now if you want to register the .ME domain name for your trademark you need to hurry.

The Sunrise Period allows Trademark holders to submit requests for .ME domains. After the sunrise period closes on May 20, domain names requested by multiple trademark-holders will be auctioned between the requesting parties.

From June 6 to June 26, the Landrush begins when the public at large can apply without a trademark. After Landrush closes, domain names requested by multiple parties will be auctioned between the requesting parties. From July 17, Registration will open on a first-come, first-served basis like any other domain name.

.ME is going to be a very popular domain name since many cool website names can be created like and the list is endless. I buy my domain names from GoDaddy, who is one of the few authorized .ME domain name registrars. Their Sunrise registration domain name price is $174.99/yr with a 5 year minimum registration. Grab your trademark .ME domain now.

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