Learn Ethical Hacking from Ankit Fadia

Ankit Fadia is an internationally renowned independent computer security consultant who has authored several internationally best-selling books on Computer Security. Want to become an Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker?

The BBC says at 14 years of age, Ankit Fadia defaced the front page of an Indian magazine and sent an e-mail to the editor confessing to the hack and suggesting counter measures. He wrote a book on “ethical hacking” at the age of 15, becoming the youngest ever author to be published by Macmillan India.

Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker

ankit fadia ethical hacker

Now you can be trained and certified by computer security guru Ankit Fadia himself. AFCEH or “Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker” course is a certification program on computer security. It is a computer security course that helps IT security professionals protect internet enabled computer security systems against cyber security threats and hacking. It helps people become more aware about cyber crime and IT security measures to counter it.

This training and certification program is exclusively available at Reliance WebWorld outlets in over 100+ cities across India. You can contact them for the next course details.

All training material for the course including live video lectures, video recordings, video workshop demonstration, online study material, books and online exam will be prepared by Ankit Fadia. Remember AFCEH certification is valid for two years only and you need to retake the examination to renew your certification later. I checked the Registration Fees are Rs.6499 and you will receive free copies of Ankit Fadia’s 6 internationally best selling security and hacking books.

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  1. Sumesh says:

    The comment above seems spam. Check it !

    Btw, I think that the 2-year scheme is rather lazy. Think of Aaron Wall’s SEObook, for ex. He provides updates frequently, free of cost.

  2. ch. naveen kumar teotia says:

    it is the unique collection by ankit ,pls contect me on mobile b,coz i want to lern hacking

  3. Sonu says:

    It is the unique collection by ankit ,pls contect me on mobile b,coz I want to lern hacking.I’m crazy about it

  4. Ankit says:

    i want to now about hacking

  5. sk.irfan ahmed says:

    i have gone through ur books..i wnt to know more tricks of hacking

  6. vinkal vishnoi says:

    I want to learn hacking and than work for antihacking team , this is the only way.

  7. Ruadmin says:

    HACKERSCENTER.COM is the world best

  8. satyendra says:

    i wud like to knw about hacking very deeply….

  9. DEEPAK says:

    hi friends tell me how to be a good hacker,am very much eager to know to this

  10. VIshal Panchal says:

    I m reading ur book- an unofficial guide to ethical hacking,second edition. is this book is for XP/vista or only for 95/98? Because, the 1st chapter is not working for xp? Plz, tell me about it. I have also read ur book- email hacking.

  11. hitesh says:

    i wan’t to know about hacking

  12. SAURABH says:

    sir,i am interested in your way of securing the network data or if I simply say TO PREVENT CYBER CRIME.I wanted to know about this.Please inform me for the same.

  13. himanshu says:

    hi i m keen to learn basics of hacking because
    i know if i get the start then i can go further on
    i am also working on windows network.
    i need help from ankit fadia.
    contact me on him_titanic@yahoo.com

  14. Parinesh baitule says:

    sir, i’m a student of 12th class & i’d given the exams. I want to study about hacking , mean that i want to do engineering in hacking , I only know about C++ . i’m from bhopal(mp) , i want to know that there are colleges in mp for hacking. i mostly respect that to understand my problem, i know that u’ll help me.


  15. Learn Hacking says:

    Maybe you can learn hacking from Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions aswell. They have instructor training instead of online training like fadia offers.

  16. rohan says:

    i am interested in hacking

  17. purvik says:

    hello sir,
    this is purvik,
    i am keen in learning hacking from u.
    i read ur previous edition books.
    and they were fantastic.
    i still wanna leasrn from u.

    • sambasivarao says:

      I want to learn ethecalhacking, give me some information like which coaching centre is better,fees, opertunities etc.
      thanking you sir.


  18. banoj says:

    i want to learn hacking in this summer.
    what is the procedure?
    i have no idea in java.
    will there be any problem?

  19. krn says:

    Sir,i want to learn hacking to the fullest,how can i get the required guidance(notes etc.,)please help……………..

  20. Shams Haider says:

    How I learn to change the passward of mail account Please teach me otherwise I wait for your acknowledge , everlasting …… HAIDER

  21. Emil Davis says:

    Plz help me because i want to learn E-mail Hacking

  22. NIALY says:

    Hi, I wants to learn the haking under your guidence.

    Then give me reply on my email id…

  23. Dark Master says:

    rubbish book of the world although ankit fadia is great but his books are stupid how can any one learn hacking from a book. first everyone who wants to be a hacker learn python take this as advice because there are no other way.

  24. Sumit Sharma says:

    sir i want to learn hacking for a job in a big company and i m also interested in it.

  25. koustubh says:

    I want to know abot ethical hacking and career in it

  26. ajay pal says:

    i want to learn web security & hacking , corporate security also

  27. ayush says:

    if i forget my password the how to recover me password…i want to learn how to recover ma passowrd plzzz teach me….on this vacation….
    n i want to…know…how to hack any account…
    plzz reply..

  28. sumir gupta says:

    hello sir
    computer hacking traning

  29. jayesh says:

    it is the unique collection by ankit ,pls contect me on mobile b,coz i want to lern hacking

  30. Abhinav says:

    i am learn to email hack plaease help me

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