Learning to Live Without Technology : Tech Free for 4 Weeks


Lance Ulanoff of PCmag is planning to leave all technology behind and spend four weeks in a remote cabin in upstate New York.

Why? This is to bring you a great series of editorial columns about “Learning to Live Without Technology”.

Consumer Electronics Senior Editor Dan Costa has agreed to drive me upstate to Cranberry Lake. He’ll be leaving me at the cabin with simple bedding, a flashlight, a week’s worth of food rations and water, 60 notebooks, and 40 pens. The cabin is outfitted with a cot and desk. That’s it!

Before heading out, I will first empty my backpack, which is filled with, among other things, a laptop, cell phone, and multiple flash drives. When we arrive at the cabin, Dan will check for any missed bits of technology (I wouldn’t be surprised if he even checked my pockets). The deal is that I must stay in the cabin the first night. After that, I’ll be able to venture out as far as I want…

In this advanced technology era and daily usage of hi-tech gadgets, living for 4 weeks without these technology gadgets can be difficult. I cannot imagine a day without logging onto the internet… Lets see the results of their Tech Free Experiment!

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