Free Lego Special Edition Gold Bricks

Buy at the Lego Shop for Lego toys and Lego products worth $50 or more and get 5 free Lego Special Edition Gold Bricks. This is part of the Lego’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. And today is the last day!

lego gold bricks

Offer expires September 30, 2005 at 11:59pm EST. Offer valid only in the U.S. and Canada while supplies last. Limit one bag of 5 free gold-colored bricks per order of $50 or more.

Also available are Collectable Limited Edition 50th Anniversary pens feature the original LEGO logo and the two vintage color palettes used when the brick System began. Besides the Limited Edition Lego Duplo and Brick Buckets, there are several Lego Toys like the infamous gold droid from Star Wars, gold laden amazing BIONICLE Toa Iruini, Knights of Morcia and King Mathias don gold-colored armor, swords and shields and many more… Rush now!

Also check out the Lego Digital Designer – that lets you build anything in your imagination using virtual Lego bricks right on your computer.

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