Looking for Google Jobs in India?

My friend is studying hard with one clear objective – to get a job at Google India. He loves Google and wants to work at Google only. Maybe he was inspired by these top 10 reasons to work for Google, TIME photo essay on life in the Googleplex or pics of the new New York Mini Googleplex.

Anyway, Google India offers several job opportunities. The fine print at bottom reads that Google does not accept recruitment agency resumes and Google seeks to hire only the best.

“At Google, our strategy is simple: we hire great people and encourage them to make their dreams a reality. We believe in hard work, a fun atmosphere, and the sort of creativity that only comes about when talented people from diverse backgrounds approach problems from varying perspectives.”

Googlers love their jobs, especially with all the Google India employment benefits. Beside the usual paid vacations, there are some good offers on Mediclaim Insurance (cash hospitalization benefits), Life Insurance, Business Travel Accident (BTA) and Personal Accident Insurance.

I just spotted some Google job opennings at Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Read more about life at Google Bangalore. BTW you can even get a Google job on the moon!

97 comments on “Looking for Google Jobs in India?

  1. Ashish Soni says:

    I too want to be a GOOGLER! :)

  2. Priya Sinha says:

    I really want to work with this Search industry,wish to become a googler !!!!!

  3. Asif khan says:

    Google is the largest search engine , i wanna like to be a part of it

  4. Shantanu Majumdar says:

    For quite a number of reasons, I would love to be a part of Google family

  5. yogender soni says:

    i really want to work with google because biggest enjoy with biggest search engine

  6. anuradha says:

    I have a great passion to work with google.

  7. vivek says:

    I want to work with google really … as a system admin atleast …. i am proud if it not my dream alone …

  8. rajan says:

    i love google !

  9. samit subba says:

    i would like to work in google and carry my future in this field for longer version..

  10. anupama.Kori says:

    My biggest aim in my life is to become a Googler…. :)

  11. siraj says:

    Hello Sir ,
    this is siraj , I always want to
    do jobs in google
    what types of jobs and what condition
    for employe
    is there any freelancing work

    Regard Siraj

  12. kanchan mallick says:

    I am looking for a change & want to join a big company………

  13. anand says:

    There is no point in day dreaming,,

  14. amit jha says:

    if there is one company in this world which i think of before going to bed at night and after getting up in the morning everydaay, it’s Google.

    Friends, i would consider myself very fortunate if somehow,someday i got a chance to become a “GOOGLER”.

    GOD! please help me achieve my dream.

  15. Jagadish Dandin says:

    What is the big deal in becoming a googler?

    Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world theyíve been given, than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact, itís an opinion. Itís not a declaration, itís a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing!Ē

    So go for it..

  16. srinivas says:

    I am looking for a change and like to work with google

  17. Vandana Bhanot says:

    I am looking for a change and like to work with google

  18. Tuhin Paul says:

    I am confident to perform well. I am from Bangladesh, I want an interview from Google at least so that I can present myself.

  19. yakub ali says:

    I want a job in goole search as a freelansre
    I heared that u are hiring persons for viewing and clicking the advertisig web and u pay direct to that person I am intrested in this

  20. Dipanjan Munshi says:

    I want to work with and for Google.

  21. Abrar Dewani says:

    Iwant to work with google AND looking for longterm career. I am the best among the best and want to do something best for the google

  22. Sridhar says:

    Hai Sir ,
    presently i am doing MCA i aim to work in google sir plz send me details that r essential to join !

  23. Rishi says:

    Hi All,
    I am Linux Lover and working as a Linux administrator.
    I heard that Google looks for Linux administrators.
    I would love to join Google.
    Can anyone advise an tips what are the procedures to get in.


  24. Shiva says:

    My life time aim was joining in google

  25. Joseph says:


    Am working as an Assistant Manager Operations with HSBC. Please suggest if I fit in any of the roles available at Google.



  26. sumit jain says:

    hi ALL
    sir ,
    i dont know much about c,c++,linux,,,
    but i love JAVA and C#.net…and i am very good in that…can i get job in GOOGLE based upon this…


  27. vaishali rajput says:

    i have completed my MBA n now i want to work with google .may i know abt the vacancy n how can i apply for that?

  28. Sooraj Prabhakaran says:

    Anyone can tell about the interview pattern or is there any test for a new graduate ..
    yeah … i wanna be a Googler …

  29. kaushik says:

    What is the selection procedure for google

  30. Rina Tripathi says:

    Google and it’s philosophy has something inside me. I think a great place to work and do something worthwhile! Wish fulfillment would be a Google job!

  31. kartheek kumar kesarla says:

    this is kartheek.i want became a .
    i am from Andhra Pradesh and finshed my B.E in computer science.i have confidence i will reach you(GOOGLE)

  32. Ravi says:

    I want to work in google can anybody tell me how to get call from google,as I had applied 3 times via mail but every time I got an automated generated mail.

  33. jaya says:

    i want to be apert of google….rite now working wid LNT

  34. jaya says:


  35. vivek says:


  36. Varma says:

    It makes me wonder why all of us want to be googlers , but not come up wid something as fascinating as google….Remember Google was founded my college grads like us..May be ,we need to look beyond….I do respect ur ambitions..but i ask u all to look further…The pay-package and work at google is fabulous….I do agree..But, remember if u have the potential to be at Google, most of u must be really gud…gud enough to bring something of an Idea into realism and make it big and equally importantly rich …..Its just my suggestion….see how much U can do it…

  37. manhar says:

    hi…every one wants to work with google…….

  38. William says:

    I want GOOGLE to hire ME .. coz i believe in myself and Hardwork with determination!!.. looking forward for an interview ASAP.

  39. swati says:

    i have no great degrees to offer but an open mind which always want to learn ……… want to grow professionally and personally with an organisation where i can evolve and discover my dormant talents.

  40. Jiten says:

    Looking job form Google

  41. Shareez says:

    I am a BBM graduate with good mathematical skill, Can I get a chance in google?

  42. prince says:

    hi i want job i n google, i m doing b.c.a and i m good in c,c++,html,sql……….

  43. kunal says:

    U all sound like sheep!!!

    start ur own companies if u know how to really write code

  44. Sunaina says:

    I would love to be a part of the world’s best search engine..I hope I join google soon :-)

  45. Ranjith says:

    Its my strong hope to work with Google team… trying to get enough talent …to be there

  46. Feroz Shah says:

    It will be like a dream come true if i see myselves working at GOOGLE and i m sure definitely i will get sooooooon

  47. hema says:

    i really wanna work .., i am looking forward for online jobs .., where i need not invest money .., but i would like to work from home using a computer and internet .., pls let me know if there are anything where i can make quick bug.

  48. Reeti sharma says:

    I jus want to add one more “O” in Gooooooooogle….. thtz wt my dream is …m sure one day I’ll do it… m working on it… so jus wait n watch…hope 4 the best…

  49. sandeep kumar sharma says:

    hi ! dear friends !!

    I love google very much. i always use google to download anything what i want and when ever i want it is too good for me …….that is the only reson why i want to be a googler and i m trying to search a job in google according to my profile and abelity…so friends always use google if you want good resualt and link…

    Thanks & best regards
    sandeep kumar sharma
    Rishikesh Dehradun



  51. K.PRASAD says:

    I am verymuch interested to work for Google. I am making research on social and political trends in Keral’s recent years. In my opinion Google is the most suited remedy for any social problems of any nation or region. I recommend my collegues and friends to Google.

  52. Amol Suryawanshi says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to know procedure to join google. Also interested to know the technology in which google works.

  53. rajender says:


    i have completed my CA inter and B.com, i have 3 yrs of B.P.O experience in financial services in TOP BPO companies.

    i wish to join google.

    what kind of jobs i can get and how should i apply?

  54. sunil says:

    I have a great passion to work with google.

  55. Harsh says:

    i am an MBA fresher n wanna a field related with client relationship management…GOOGLE is my dream company where i wanna get in…. so wanna be a GOOGLER…:)

  56. Aby says:

    Looking for a job in mainframes technology in Google..?Is google hire mainframe professionals..?

  57. Priyanka says:

    Looking for a job in google.Ready to work as a starter because one day i will be in the top position. Hope i get a job

  58. Amit Phule says:

    Google always try to increase the usability of the products and i know how to increase the usability, so i want work in the Google

  59. ANUJ ARORA says:

    i want built my own bussines with tying with new company

  60. Hricha says:

    I would like to be a part of this organization..wish to become a googler!! :)

  61. Hricha says:

    It’s a great place to work..would love to be a part of Google family… :)

  62. Ashok Kumar Thakur says:


    I really want to join google. I have completed
    master of science in physics, still i want to join google, right now i am in wipro as project engineer

  63. Abhineet Raj says:

    Though I’m a mechanical engineer but i’m good at C/C++ also have basic knowledge of linux.

    The only reason i want to work with google is Innovation……I’m always on the search for something new and more advanced be it any OS/Cell phone/social networking site or any other electronic gagdets or internet related things.

    Whatever gadgets i use be it old or new my first aim is to know everything about the gadget i.e all it’s functions.

    And i think google would be the best platform i can ever dream of.

  64. Abhineet Raj says:

    sorry but my comment got ended without an apt expression.

    Thanking for listening to my views.

    With Regards,
    Abhineet Raj

  65. ashutosh sharma says:

    i love google. and i want to know wht quality should b in google employee

  66. Swapna says:

    I Love to work in Google, iam very much Intrested , Plz tell me what type of jobs present for MBA H.R

    I want to apply in google, I need to start my carrer in Google, I did others recritment field jobs, But my dream is to settle i n Google

    Plz give me Reply, Iam MBA. H.R,

    Thanks sincerly

  67. Swapna says:

    I Love to work in Google, iam very much Intrested , Plz tell me what type of jobs present for MBA H.R

    I want to apply in google, I need to start my carrer in Google, I did job in recritment field jobs, But my dream is to settle i n Google

    Plz give me Reply, Iam MBA. H.R,

    Thanks sincerly

  68. ramakoteswar rao v says:

    Hi Google,

    My skills are Mainframes COBOL,JCL,VSAM,DB2&CICS.
    If you have any requirement on the above skills.
    Pl. contact me.
    I would like to be as member in Google Team.

    No demand for expected CTC.

    Sincerely yours,

  69. Ratna says:

    Its my Dream to do work with GOOGLE FAMILY.

  70. gaurav says:

    hai sir,
    how can i get jobs at google.i am not giving my profile.i have heard that google want only super talentedpeople.how can i prove my worth to google.

  71. ranjit says:

    Hi, i would be interested to work with google india. i have 4+ years of experience in BPO customer service(voiced and web)

  72. Satish says:

    I hv ten years experience in sales with 5 years in online ad sales.Google is my dream job.My biggest aim in my life is to become a Googler

  73. Jatin Sachdeva says:

    I would love to be a part of google family. I

  74. Varshanth says:

    I too want to be a GOOGLER…

  75. self directed ira says:

    I am intresting too in google organization. thank u

  76. amol nalwade says:

    this is amol nalwade from pune. m an 4th year B.E(EnTC)
    student. can i get placed in google. what is ur criteria. what are the improvements i require. what qualities must i have. reply

  77. fayaz ali says:

    every one has its own destiny,my destiny is google.iloved yo be a googler.
    i’m a b.sc gradute n i like to work in google,can u help me in finding d job that suits my profile n let me know d procedure.

  78. Avinash says:

    Hay, I love to become the part of google. Please help me to get the Job. I am management graduate with technical background.

  79. Nishu Naved says:

    Working in google like a dream comes true………….

  80. rakesh says:

    want to really work with googler

  81. Hiren says:

    I want to work for Google. It’s my dream to work for it.

  82. Jobs in India says:

    In google.com/jobs you can find all the present vacancies.

  83. jaspreet kaur says:

    I ma doing MCA and want to join google ….
    Can u please send me the details for joining ?

    • guddu says:

      all that to do here is merely meet the site succeedindia.com and after some days or some months when you are popularly known as by googler ( i mean u have got job in google ) then please remind me as possible . my cell no is 9031814983 and i hope that u definately got ur destination .have a nice day .

  84. diwaker says:

    i am owner of small software company can you please tell how can i get projects .

  85. guddu says:

    hello what are you thinking if you have any idea regarding work from home ( google) but it should be genuine then please inform me on my e-mail.

  86. Vijay kumar says:

    I am a BA graduate and pursuing MBA. I want to work with Google dream company.

  87. Aryani Banerjee says:

    Google is the lifeline of generation Y.I want to be a part of it.I have just completed PG Diploma in Journalism from Times School of Journalism.At present working with a US based MNC at Mumbai.

  88. Jayesh kashyap says:


    Never thought that will get chance to work for google finally got it,when google internet bus came down to Gujarat,worked on very small level its been awesome to work with Google.Really just need one chance to be in Google. Help me applying for the job.

    Jayesh kashyap

  89. Deva says:

    Google is worlds top search engine , really i mean it , me too wanna doing job in searching profession , thats why i got interest

  90. Varun says:

    I wants to Work with Google. Please tell me how can be a Part of Google . Varun Jaival

  91. Bibin says:

    I like to get a Job in Google India…..

  92. gautam kumar singh says:

    please tell me when google search jobs was open

  93. TABRAZ says:

    i want google home base job part time or nite time

  94. jobs in kerala says:

    my dream is to be part of google team ….

  95. Jobs Alert says:

    google is dream it’s not game of common guy out there

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