Mahalo Greenhouse: Part Time Guides Sell Search Results


Recently Jason Calacanis had launched Mahalo, a human-powered search engine. Now the Mahalo Greenhouse is going to pay money to buy really good search results that you build.

Part-time Guides (PTG) at Mahalo Greenhouse create the best search results. If the full-time Guides approve those results, they will be moved from the Mahalo Greenhouse to Mahalo. You get paid $10 to $15 per accepted search result. PTGs own their search results until Mahalo agrees to buy them. The search result on Mahalo will credit the PTG as the original author of the page. See the current Mahalo Part Time Guides.

If you dont need that money (and like working for free!), they will donate your fees to the Wikimedia Foundation. They have earmarked up to $250,000 in donations to the Wikipedia this year. At this time, they can only pay U.S. citizens – for others they will make a donation to the Wikimedia Foundation in your name. More details here.

Apply for part-time Guide and start earning money. They are accepting very few people (Dmoz editor / wikipedia editor experience helps!). Get paid for enjoying what you do!


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