How to Make WordPress Faster and Safer

It essential to make WordPress faster and safer. I admit, there are a lot of articles on the topic of promising you to share how to make WordPress faster and safer. Most of them under deliver. I’ll try my hardest not to make this article get into that category.

Before we start, I want to ask you: Have you ever heard about the 80/20 rule? This rule states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts (80/20 is just a rule of thumb, it can be 90/10, 70/30 and so on.) My point is, the same principle applies for making WordPress faster and safer. Spend several minutes, change some things, and reap big results. Those will be covered below.

How to Make WordPress Faster

When it comes to making WordPress faster, 2 things matter most:
–  Hosting
–  Optimizing WordPress

a) Choose a great WordPress host

99.9% of webhosts support WordPress. So, when it comes to the question ‘Which is the best WordPress hosting solution’ you’re actually asking: ‘Which is the best hosting solution?’ Honestly, it’s very hard to give an answer to this question. The best answer would be, it depends (on your needs.)

There are some research sites like Netcraft that provide monthly reports on the most reliable hosting solutions. However, most of the hosts there, are for businesses and cost over $100 monthly. On the other hand, you can go with the most popular solutions (following the logic: if they’re popular and a brand, they must be at least above average.)

Another thing you definitely want to do before deciding to deal with a web host is to check out the business via BBB. In my experience, there seems to be a high correlation between the BBB rating for the company and the actual reliability that the company will offer.

To get to the point, which hosts do I recommend?

  • (I personally use it for more than a year). HostGator are ThePlanet resellers (and ThePlanet is ranked as one of the most reliable hosts by NetCraft is some of their reports). Hostgator also has A+ BBB grade.
  •, has an A+ BBB grade and I heard very positive reviews from friends. They aren’t mentioned by Netcraft in many of their reports, though.
  • – I was surprised to see this company consistently ranking in the top 10 on Netcraft monthly reports, after investigating them I found they have an “A” grade from BBB and existing for quite a long time. So all data indicates they’re great.

Please be aware I haven’t mentioned many well-known hosts in this list. I was shocked to see that many of them (I don’t want to mention any names) aren’t even BBB accredited businesses!

b)  Optimizing WordPress

By optimizing WordPress, I mean caching and compressing EVERYTHING (CSS files, the WordPress database and so on.) Obviously, you want some automated solution to do all this for you.

Okay, so we need a caching plugin. Many people prefer WP-Super-Cache. However, my tests have shown very small or almost no significant improvement in performance when using this plugin. I just used this tool and measured my blog’s performance before and after I got the plugin enabled.

One plugin that improved my blog performance significantly was W3-Total-Cache (the creator is the Chief Technology Officer at Mashable.)

Proof: Here’s a screenshot of my blog speed without any caching plugin:

before caching

Now, here’s a screenshot with WP-Super-Cache enabled:

after super-cache

As you can see, this plugin not only didn’t improve my blog performance but also made it worse!

Now, let’s try WP-Total-Cache:

after total-cache

The speed improved by 300%! Why?

Conclusion: WP-Super-Cache is way more popular than WP-Total-Cache. However, if something is popular it doesn’t have to mean it’s better than the less popular alternatives!

How to Make WordPress Safer

Here’s a checklist of some of the basic things to make WordPress secure:

  • Do you use the latest WordPress version?
  • Is your computer clean of viruses and spyware? Key loggers can steal your username and password
  • Is your password strong enough? Do you have numbers and special characters?
  • Have you changed your default ‘admin’ username? See how.

Honestly, while researching, I found many posts on how to secure WordPress but they all seemed to be repeating what is said in the WordPress Codex on this topic. So go and read it, better do that than read hundreds of fancy posts on new techniques to secure WordPress. Get the basics right before attempting something advanced.

I don’t recommend you use this plugin unless your blog is extremely popular (gets 50k+ visitors per day.) Let’s be real here…most hackers attack the most popular blogs manually. Not many go after the less popular ones (they might use automated tools for the less popular ones but if you upgrade your installation regularly and use some basic plugins for protection like WP Security Scan, you’re safe.)

Also, be sure to backup WordPress. Oh, and forgot to tell you, that’s my site by the way. Feel free to subscribe if you want to. I hope you’ve learned a lot!

Mark is currently one of the authors for, a site for helping the casual surfer get more of the web. You can also write guest articles and share your WordPress tips and tricks.

Note: This is a guest article and represents opinions of the guest author

14 comments on “How to Make WordPress Faster and Safer

  1. Harsh Agrawal says:

    Hosting plays a major role in optimization of WordPress.. though fact is wordpress is already very resource hungry. I will suggest run it on ngnix instead of apache.. That will create a major difference…

  2. GoingLikeSixty says:

    BBB really is a poor way to judge ANY business. First they get their income from business, they have no capabilities to investigate, and any complaints are given to the business to respond, allowing for fabrications.

    I have four WordPress blogs with and have been very satisfied with uptime and support. Wait time is usually less than a couple minutes, and whomever answers the phone stays with the problem until solved.

    • Darko says:

      Is this the rule or the exception? Do you have any proof for this? In my experience, judging by 5-6 companies BBB has been almost flawless in helping me avoid a bad company.

      I have friend who had nightmares with BlueHost. About the support, same is with Hostgator, most businesses handle this part well.

      • Owen says:

        He’s right – here’s a simple statistically based example – look at the complaints tracked by the BBB themselves. One of the hosts recommended on your list (I won’t say which one) had an A+ rating but a rate of almost a complaint a day against them filed with the BBB. A different company – not accredited by the BBB who I rate higher than the one you listed with an A+ grade – was listed as a D by the BBB. But has a complaint rate 1/6th the size of the A+ rated company. I know company size has something to do with it but all the same. A complaint a day that was severe enough to make the complaint to the BBB and you STILL get an A+ rating!!!!!

        • Darko says:

          The grade is based on whether you solve the complaint.

          Yeah company size has to do with it, however the grade depends on ultimately how the companies satisfied BBB i.e. how well it satisfied people who complain to the BBB about the company.

  3. abhi says:

    Tips are great but godaddy host is very bad.

  4. Cosmin says:

    I DID learn a lot. For example, I had no idea Hostgator is a reseller – thought they own their servers…

    Now honestly – what do you think about THIS* Web Host? I’ve heard some good stuff about them, though they’re quite new…

    Thanks for the info, straight to the point :)

  5. Sarpras @ Articles2u says:

    I also use hostgator last 15 days. Very good hosting service provider. But wp super cache create problem for me.

  6. sweety says:

    can i place google ads on wordpress blog??are google ads useful to make money on word press blog??plz advice

  7. Sourish | Lets Start A Blog says:

    Nice share . Quite descriptive with the test results you have give . I am going to retweet this. Very helpful

  8. Ramon Fincken says:

    Hmm that thange admin link does not come up with a simple plugin. To share you mine:

  9. John Greenstone says:

    Making backups is very good idea. I use plugin called wp-db-backup to make me scheduled backups of my sites. What I like about this plugin is that you can get backup in your inbox. Regular updating wordpress and plugins is also very important.

  10. tradi says:

    I use plugin called wp-db-backup to make me scheduled backups of my sites.

  11. Dedy says:

    why wp-super cache is still in the featured plugins

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