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Bloglines is powerful, free and popular online rss aggregator and most of my readers use it. Since I moved from Blogger to WordPress, I kept wondering how to migrate my old Blogger atom feed subscribed Bloglines readers to the new feed. Thankfully I created a default Feedburner feed earlier which made it easy to manage feed subscribers when I migrated.

The Bloglines staff was very helpful in fixing my feed related problems and merging the feed readers and other related issues. Now Bloglines has introduced Publisher tools that let you claim your feed and perform your feed management in Bloglines.

“If you set up a 301 redirect, Bloglines will automagically set that feed as a duplicate to the new feed after a week or two. Our customer support team has also responded to requests to mark feeds as duplicates. But we knew publishers needed a smoother process.

As of last night, we now offer you an American-style self-serve-fix-it-right-now solution. We launched a new set of tools for publishers which allow you to claim your feeds and manage them within Bloglines. We’re offering several nifty tools but we’re especially excited about offering you a way to mark an old feed as a duplicate of a new feed. When we set a feed as a duplicate, all of the subscribers are brought over to the new feed so there’s no need to ask your Bloglines readers to re-subscribe.”

Go to Account > Publisher Tools and begin feed claim. You need to insert a specific code in your post and template for them to verify. This is a welcome step for bloggers changing blog platforms or their modifying feed urls.

3 comments on “Manage and Claim Your Feed in Bloglines

  1. Hilary says:

    Where in the template do I add this code? I use WordPress.


  2. Mary Robinette Kowal says:

    I’m wondering the same thing; I’ve been completely unsuccessful at it this far.

  3. Hakan says:

    Same here. And they have this “useless” explanation on that section of the site!

    Bloglines verifies your claim in two steps. We check to find and at the Website URL. Then we look for the presence of and the absence of at the Feed URL. This dual key authentication method verifies that you control both the Website and the Feed and avoids false claims from those who can post but don’t control the Website.

    Which one goes where? Couldn’t find it on Bloglines website. Any help appreciated!

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