Media Temple Grid Server: Beyond Shared Web Hosting

Media Temple (mt) is a popular web hosting provider that has launched their new next generation hosting platform called Grid-Server (gs). The Grid system claims to make the usual shared web hosting model outdated…

Its benefit seems targeted at popular sites that receive bursts of traffic by their usual habit of being dugg, slashdotted, farked etc.. A sudden traffic spike can easily crash normal web servers and take your site offline. The Media Temple grid server on-demand scalability claims to easily manage these intense bursts of traffic and keep your site online when you need it most.

“Beyond simple load balancing, the Grid uses an ever-expanding “cluster of clusters” all working together to serve your site with blazing fast response times. Resource limits, hardware failures and everything else you hate about shared hosting is history! The Grid was designed and built with numerous layers of redundant hardware, software, network and power systems. Downtime caused by device failures will be a distant memory once you switch to The Grid.”

If your site is stuck with “bad neighbors” on a shared server by your web hosting provider, traffic spikes to them can cause crashing servers and frequent downtimes or poor response times for your site. Load balancing of servers helps, but not always. (gs) takes care of the bad neighbour effect.

“The distributed nature of the Grid Server eliminates the “bad neighbor effect” by dynamically spreading increases in load among several severs at once. You’ll never outgrow the Grid Server because new hardware can be added at anytime to increase hosting capacity.”

I have seen the (mt) logo several times before, but I checked them out today after discounted Media Temple hosting accounts were being offered to 9rules members. For $20 a month, you can get their web hosting deal.

I see that Techcrunch talks about Grid-Server and is hosted on Media Temple, but with a traffic spike filled statistics like theirs (pageviews 35000/day to 95000/day another day), I guess (gs) will suit them.

I rarely get traffic spikes, and my Dreamhost handles them well when they occur. You can read the reasons why I still love Dreamhost. But for those sites who do get frequent traffic surges, the grid server might be worth a look.

Update: Netcraft is reporting Outages at MediaTemple.

2 comments on “Media Temple Grid Server: Beyond Shared Web Hosting

  1. Jacob says:

    Their server speed is soo slow and support took more then 16 hours to reply, I am getting out of their. Seems they overselled.

  2. amit says:

    not working on 1-March-09 Indian standard time

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