Microsoft Offers Free Repair of XBox 360 Three Red Flashing Lights Errors

Many Microsoft Xbox 360 console owners have been experiencing a general hardware failure indicated by three flashing red lights. Microsoft has acknowledged the unacceptable number of repairs to Xbox 360 consoles, and is enhancing its Xbox 360 warranty policy for existing and new customers.

Xbox 360 support has a list of solutions when the three lights on the Ring of Light (RoL) flash red on the front of the Xbox 360 console. Since it is a hardware failure, there is not much you can do.

Microsoft Corp. has announced an expansion of its global Xbox 360 warranty coverage. Any Xbox 360 customer who experiences a general hardware failure indicated by three flashing red lights will now be covered by a three year warranty from date of purchase including shipping costs. Microsoft is willing to take billions of dollars of earnings hit to cover this cost

Microsoft has also decided to reimburse customers who have previously paid for repair expenses related to the three flashing lights error message on the Xbox 360 console.

So what are you waiting for? If you purchased a Xbox 360 console within 3 years and are experience this kind of hardware failure, Microsoft will repair the console free of charge including shipping!

Update: For repair or replacement, check the Xbox warranty details. Within the U.S. Call 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269)

59 comments on “Microsoft Offers Free Repair of XBox 360 Three Red Flashing Lights Errors

  1. jenil says:

    i dont have the xbox 360 but i want to advertise in any website

  2. Glock says:

    Thnx alot, i have been getting this same prob.

  3. nick says:

    microsoft wouldnt have this problem if they took the time to not make a piece of crap gaming console … i’ve already sent in mine 3 times now … thanks alot microsoft your now the most hated gaming company in america now – look at all the other consoles, nobody has any problems with them ! what happened to yours ? get a little rushed to get it out before the ps3 ?

  4. austin says:

    my xbox 360 has this problem but where do i send the xbox for repair? i cant find where microsoft is located.

  5. Trevor says:

    What if I was to buy a broken 360 off of ebay…would I be able to send it in?

  6. Robert says:

    my xbox 360 blinks the three red lights to. I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not gamestop would still take it if i traded it in and how much I would have to give them so they could get it fixed.

    • chris says:

      gamestop will take it in but they wont give a lot of money… maybe 30 bucks and they wont fix it for you either… after that all you can do is put that small amount of money towards a refurbished one from the same store cause that would be the cheapest solution. its better to keep your 360, call 1-800-4my-xbox and ask them how to send it in to have it repaired or replaced for free, or really cheap. gamestop sucks, dont trust them…

  7. nazar says:

    error code 0020

  8. Tyler says:

    You say that the xbox can be repaired free and shipping costs but you give no instructions on where and how to proceed in getting it fixed.

  9. QuickOnlineTips says:

    You can contact your microsoft vendor or dealer for the offer. Read more about the Xbox warranty details.

    To receive instructions for obtaining repair or replacement warranty services you must call: Within the U.S., U.S. Territories and Canada: 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269); TTY users: 1-866-740-XBOX (1-866-740-9269).

  10. Erin says:

    My xbox 360 was good for a week, then i got the ‘ring of death’. I bought it off ebay and don’t have a recipt or proof of purchase. I suppose i’m not eligable for getting it fixed…

    • Mike says:

      Actually, if you try to register the console online and can’t because its previous user registered it, just call Microsoft’s support hotline, and once you get a tech ask them to transfer the registration to your name/LIVE account. I got mine used through eBay too (and it was already registered to someone else), and when the tech guy registered it to my account, I found out it was still eligible for the three year warranty! Hopefully this will work for you too.

  11. Ricky says:

    I bought my XBOX 360 from Aaron’s RENT TO OWN store and the 360 I got from there was the DISPLAY system where customers try it out before they buy it plus it’s a CORE SYSTEM that’s possibly why It has 4 RED LIGHTS flashing

  12. Ricky says:

    Why can’t us customers get new 360’s since you guys Microsoft have a lot of computers,the first X-BOX,and now you guys have a lot of 360’s that you guys sold. So Microsoft instead of fixin our 360’s how about We The 360 customers for EX: we send in our 360 to you Microsoft and you Microsoft you send us new ones. Come on MICROSOFT help us out your just going to get the same calls,E-mails and complaints so if you don’t want that to happen then send us new ones you MICROSOFT you guys are rich help us customers out with new 360s’ we helped you out by buying your 360s’ just like stores’ quotes :”The customers are always right.

  13. Matthew says:

    I just wanted to know how long should i wait to call Microsoft about my 360 getting fixed

  14. Mandla says:

    Microsoft please sent me your repair guide so that i can fix the 360 myself ,cause i’ve lost the receipt for the proof of purchase.Imagine the whole world sending their 360.It’s festive now i want relax and play.pls reply!

  15. Angela says:

    I sent my 360 in for warranty and am currently fighting Microsoft because they say they never received i, and are not sending me one back. Nobody will give me any information unless I let a supervisor call me back, which they never do. ADVICE: If you send them in for warranty, record and keep as much information as you can, including ALL tracking numbers of the prepaid boxes they send for you to use, names and times you talked to anyone at Microsoft!

  16. Billy says:

    When i bought my 360 it was completly new except i found out later it was one of the original 360’s that was recalled but the only thing is i got it at a pawn shop is there anything i can do about this to get it fixed cause i also have the three flashing red lights and it’s completly dead yet i have gotten the flashing lights once before and it was a week after i opened it and it still worked up untill new years!?

  17. T-Rev says:

    Yeah, just called for repairs, it took like 10 min, idk i have had the red lights, but a lot of my problems before that was just shitty hardware parts. Hopefully my 360 will come back feelin’ brand new.

  18. Juice415 says:

    I just got of the phone with the Microsoft repair center. They told me I will not have to pay anything,(since am under warranty, hopefully you are to, and if not I’d get to and register my xbox so you can get the benifits of the new extra year there giving out, specifically for this problem) they will ship me a pre paid box… which should get here in 3 to 6 business days. Then i ship it back to them, but then i will have to wait 2 to 3 weeks to get it back… they told me when i get it back i will get a free month of xbox live ( I’ll get a card along with my fixed console) for the inconvenience.

  19. andy says:

    do microsoft fix xbox 360 that have 4 red lights

  20. Prasanjeet says:

    Are xbox360 elite available in India? What about modding of xbox360 & playstation 3 & pirated games. plz email me.

  21. TJ says:

    We called gamestop I think and they said to wrap the XBox 360 in a blanket or towel, and turn it on (and those 3 lights as well should be on). Make sure all the vents are covered, and wait a half an hour. It was a rip off!! It went to the main menu, it went to the game menu. It DIDN”T go to the GAME. I pressed a button, and then it FROZE. I tried again, same thing. I wrapped it again. Same thing…… i think they should just replace the piece of junk!!

    • maxinator says:

      i know what they wanted to do, it isnt a perminant fix but it works, basicly thate want to convince you xbox its overheating ALOT and make it reset all its chips, this works, but you only get about 1-4 days of play out of it until our little RROD comes back

  22. perry says:

    I had my 360 for about 8 months and got red ring of death. I bought it brand new at gamestop and turns out the 360 wasnt registered under my name but i told them the situation so it now is registered under my name but i dont know if gamestop selling used consoles and making them look brand new idk.ALL MY FRIENDS AND EVERYONE I KNOW HAD THE 3 FLASHING RED LIGHTS,SOME OF THEM EVEN HAD TO SEND THEM IN MORE THAN ONCE. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND JUST GET AN ELITE!

  23. kerry allday says:

    what about the e74 error one flashing light why is this not covered by the extended warranty , i contacted microsoft and they said it would cost me 60.00 when the console is only weeks over the 1 year warranty

  24. cdog says:

    four red lights mean your t.v. connection cables are dirty or damaged either end of cable or the system where it plugs in needs to be cleaned or you need new cables

  25. zip662 says:

    well if we the coustomers are right they should make every xbox 360 simple enough so there is no hard ware failures in the first place like my old reliable ps2 they need to step this crap up!

  26. Mitch and Josh says:

    Well, Mitch and I, Josh, love our 360 the second we held the new inter-hand formed controller. We love it so much. But when we get the red ring, we think its due to dust. So we get a cleaning disk, clean the 360, BUT NO. ITS STILL MARRIED WITH A RED RING OF DEATH. So we try to turn it on and off, on and off. Nothing works. We call, complain, and for 3-4 weeks, we have absolutely nothing to do. I hate microsft now.

  27. jake says:

    You guys red ring of death is caused due to overheating!!!!!! Just find a way to cool down your system like new heat sink or set a fan over it.

  28. jacob soard says:

    i have never been so dissapointed w a gaming system as much in my life i got talked into it by a guy at gamestop and now wish had opted for ps3 will never go xbox again

  29. smith says:

    wtf i had my xbox for half a year and then bam! microsoft should do something about this bug. didnt they recall the systems whe they first launched and then they are still having problems??? you would think that sence we shelled out all that money for a decent gaming system then they could at least be a decent enough company to make sure that THE PIECE OF CRAP WOULD WORK!!!!! this is the last time i will buy a microsoft system. help my cause when someone is even thinking about buying a xbox 360 talk them out of it. they wanna cheat us out of our hard earned money then we’ll stop them form making it. join me and get revenge on microsoft!!!!!!

  30. monkey says:

    hmmmm where to start ive had my 360 since feb of 2008 when i log onto and put in my info it tells me that my warranty is up but arent we suppose to have a 3 year warranty so then how could it be up stupid microsoft rushed to beat sony for the launch and look what happen red rings of death so many returns from customers……good ol’ PS2 never let me down and it still works like i just bought it and i got it when it first came out god bless sony u guys rock.

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