Microsoft Office RoundTable : Panoramic Video Conferencing


Microsoft Office RoundTable is coming to a store near you in mid 2007. It is a table top device that connects to a PC to offer synchronized voice and video conferencing.

ringcamIt creates a 360-degree, panoramic video of side-by-side images of everyone who is taking part in the conference and spotlights the speaker. People across many locations can audio video conference to attend meetings together virtually.

Microsoft Office RoundTable is a plug-and-play device. Simply connect it to a computer thatís running Office Communications Server 2007 or Live Meeting via a USB connection and you are on. Microsoft Research began developing the concept and technology about five years ago nicknamed Ringcam. Microsoft expects it to retail for less than US$3,000.


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  1. Cameron says:

    This is what I’m talking about when I said sooner or later, technology will come up with a solution that would address the problem of having the feeling of being restricted to one’s seat when doing presentations. I, for one, prefer to move around when I am explaining things trying to prove a point. And the price is a lot more reasonable compared to the prevalent conference call pricing that gets too expensive the more you need video conferencing services.

  2. ladyfaa says:

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