Million Dollar Homepage : $1 Pixels Advertising Idea

A unique concept to make make $1 million dollars by selling 1,000,000 pixels for $1 each! Alex Tew started the Million Dollar Homepage to pay for his degree studies and avoid student loan and debt. So he set up this page divided into 10,000 of these 100-pixel blocks (with 1,000,000 pixels in total) where each pixels costs $1. You can buy pixels available in 100-pixel ‘blocks’ (each measuring 10×10 pixels) which means a minimum investment of $100 (Buying one pixel would be too small to see).

million dollar homepage

You can buy as many pixels as you like and then display an image/ad/logo of your choice in the space you have purchased and can have the image click through to your own website. The homepage will not change and he guarantees to keep the site online for at least 5 years. You cannot change the image or link once you have submitted them. Check the FAQ for a full overview.

But why would you buy pixels? – it is a form of advertising on a site which is getting very popular by the day though links like this very post you are reading and your site can get some serious traffic – just see this clicks report. Moreover, there are no recurring costs of advertising and if you manage a good ad placement and clickthrough rate (CTR), the advertising deal might well be worth it.

Some tips and tricks to get a better click through rate on the Million Dollar Homepage –

Buy Early – Because the popular slots will get filled soon and you might just end up in the middle of a big array of pixels of varying ads. But if you have a pixel space in mind and want to see how its neighbourhood ads are comming up, that is also a good idea (till someone grabs that ad space). Anyway there is plenty of space available.

Buy Big – If you can afford it, the more pixels you buy, the bigger your ad and the more it will stand out and get you more clicks and traffic.

Get a Good location – If you are planning for a small 100 pixel block, you will have better chances of getting it seen at the border, corners (top left is corners are best), top row etc. where you can get around without scrolling. At present a lot of space in the centre is empty, this is good to use now as all advertisers will use ads sorrounded by empty space and they will stand out – so you can catch some early traffic. As the space fills up, only those ads which are larger will stand out in the centres.

Make A Good Ad – If you ad / image / logo is not catchy enough, even 500 pixels will not get a click, while a small 100 pixel optimised ad might get a better clickthrough.

What other tips do you suggest? The project is just starting and he has aleady sold over 5000 pixels. Success will depend on the traffic this million dollar page maintains once the hype is over. Are you still hesitating to buy some pixels!

54 comments on “Million Dollar Homepage : $1 Pixels Advertising Idea

  1. Anonymous says:

    Corrected link for the Million Euro Homepage:
    Million Euro Homepage

  2. PC says:

    See a list of more of these similar million pixels pages

  3. millionbuckspuzzle says:

    Check out soon to be

  4. Anonymous says:

    This one is free: Million Pixel Page is like milliondollarhomepage, but free!

  5. nyartmaker says:

    This onw pays you to refer pixel advertisers…

    Check it

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm this one is only for ebay sellers to advertise… take a look if you want

  7. says:

    thats a german/english site, same idea, but nice to look at

  8. Anonymous says:

    Now its starting to be categorised!
    When will the madness end?

  9. Anonymous says:

    this one gives to Hurricane Katrina victims:

  10. Anonymous says:

    This one lets you resell pixels:
    the million pixel webpage

    Here’s a site thats trying to collect the links to all the million pixel sites:

  11. Anonymous says:

    i am not sure i agree with “buy big”, i would say buy medium or small, they are far more interesting.

    one more for the mix

  12. Anonymous says:

    The best one that I have seen is at

  13. Anonymous says:

    I found 4 new pixel sites, they are all using the same script. These give away the pixels for FREE, but you can buy the script
    for less than you pay for one block of pixels on the other sites and set it up on your own website.

    This is the main one here

    Then a copy of that one is here

    The next two are for members of and, you must be a member of those sites to get pixels

    Looking for even more :), what a great idea!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Lets blow up a car.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The Net Hobo… wandering the web in search of meaning and offering “pixel ads” in the meantime.

  16. M says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Here is another dude who is trying to achieve the American Way – the Pixel Way. He sells little houses so he can buy his own house.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Super sites! Yeah! Really wow! Great!

    Alex’d got a great idea. But what are the others? Yuuuuh!


  19. Anonymous says:

    I see the UK are having a piece here:

    catchy name though I like it

  20. Shari Thomas says:

    Thanks for creating a well organized article about pixel advertising., an 8-year old online advertising agency is now partnering with to bring a fresh new way of delivering pixel advertising.

    While this initial site strongly resembles the original concept, it is simply the first of several creative ideas for delivering pixel advertising.

    Research indicates a strong trend towards smaller more creative image advertising, and much like the transistor first revolutionized electronics and then the Intergrated Circuit (chip) set forth miniaturization… pixel advertising opens the door for a whole new delivery method in “web advertising media”.

    Pixel advertising at the micro-ad level is just ramping up, and is the first heavyweight player.

    Shari Thomas
    JV Partner

  21. Anonymous says:

    How bout this one?


  22. Shari Thomas says: is driving the Alexa ranking service bonkers!

    In the first few hours the ranking has opened at 114,169. Watch for that to sky rocket as more advertisers flock to the site.

    Sales are very brisk, $18,300 in just 4 days!

    All I can say is… are we having fun yet?

    Shari Thomas

  23. Anonymous says:

    This one is for charity to the kids, buy some space early on and make some kids happy.

    Million Pixels 4 Kids

  24. Kelvin Foo says:

    Not just a million dollar homepage, but a BETTER MILLION DOLLAR HOMEPAGE! :)

  25. Kelvin Foo says:

    Not just a million dollar homepage, but a BETTER MILLION DOLLAR HOMEPAGE! :)

  26. Anonymous says:

    for your naughty adverts!

  27. Anonymous says: the original and best

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