Could Exposing Mojave Experiment be its End?

Let’s establish one thing: the general public image of Windows Vista is definitely not what Microsoft thinks it deserves. And, in what I consider to be a pretty smart marketing move, Microsoft decided to stop the laissez-faire and change the state of these preconceived ideas people have about Vista. Statements like “I heard it freezes”, or “I heard it lags my PC”.

The Mojave Experiment

Thus, Microsoft launched the “Mojave Experiment“: the experiment involves exposing users that have never used Vista to it – the only catch is that they don’t know it’s Vista they’re using, as they are introduced to it as “Mojave”, Microsoft’s next operating system.

Assuming that Microsoft was honest and didn’t just hire actors to say stuff about Windows Vista, the general response was positive. Alas, there’s just one problem that I can see with this – would revealing the progress and results of the “Mojave Experiment” mean its discontinuation and downfall?

Prior to the public knowledge that such an experiment existed, the general public hadn’t been introduced to such an idea and would have honestly stated their opinions. However, because of the public disclosure, users being introduced to test “Mojave” or another codenamed operating system could end up more skeptical or suspicious of the operating system – and thus, have their prejudgments ready for Vista.

I’m sure that Microsoft wouldn’t have overlooked such a thing, and probably consider the “Mojave Experiment” to be over, I think it’s a shame that such a clever marketing move had such a short run. But, if there’s one point to this article that I want to leave you with, it’s this: decide for yourself. Everyone goes in thinking Vista sucks, but how will you know until you try it with an open mind? If you want to see flaws, then that’s all you’re going to see.

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QOT viewpoint – I personally use Windows Vista on all my computers and I think it is a wonderful software by Microsoft. Every new software has teething problems, and when it aims to power every computer in the world, it takes time…

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4 comments on “Could Exposing Mojave Experiment be its End?

  1. Jake says:

    Um… the experiment has probably ended.

  2. john says:

    Microsoft caved and put DRM architecture in Vista to appease the RIAA/MPAA. Every minute your Vista PC is on it is using cycles just waiting to use its DRM. That’s pretty lame and MS will never get my money for Vista so long as the DRM is there.

  3. bearn says:

    Other then cosmetic changes it offers no more functionality over an almost 10 year old OS (XP). Actually XP is more functional. MS has rearranged stuff and burried important functions that take twice as long to get to and alter. From a networkers standpoint. It just plain sucks.

    Not to mention we finally got PC hardware to a point where we can have some killer performance and MS ruins it all by throwing an OS to cripple what used to be descent machines.

  4. remote desktop software says:

    The seemingly underappreciated Windows Vista may become more popular after Windows Operating Systems exposes their Mojave Experiment. And if I recall correctly, Pepsi sales increased as well after its “Pepsi Challenge” experiment. Sometimes its more about the marketing of a product than the technology.

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