MOO Laptop Stickers Design Competition

Moo StickerBooks lets you print upto 90 different high-quality vinyl stickers for just $9.99! The Moo Sticker Competition encourages you to design stickers that will become part of the perfect pack of laptop Stickers, that can then be spotted on notebooks worldwide.

Moo StickersYou need to design your sticker on a canvas of 283×283 pixels at 300dpi (Or 24x24mm at 300 dpi) as a high quality RGB Jpeg and draw in anything that looks great on a small square sticker and is worthy of sticking on a laptop. They have partnered with Pixish for processing the design submissions into the competition.

The best 90 designs and images will be compiled in a special MOO StickerBook and every design chosen will be displayed with a brief biography of the designer linked to your site. The winners will also receive one Flickr Pro Account and the ‘grand prize’ winner will win 100 worth of vouchers for Magma books and products.

Submit your laptop sticker design now and win cool prizes. Hurry! The competition closes 30 April 2008.

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